Bağcılar is located on the European side of Istanbul, between E-5 and TEM Highway. It is neighbours with Bahçelievler, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Güngören, and Esenler districts. The area of ​​the district is 22 km². Bağcılar is among the developed districts of Istanbul in the field of public transportation. The district is connected to Yenikapı by the M1 metro line. In addition, the T1 tram line starts from Bağcılar and continues up to Kabataş.

The textile sector is the locomotive in this county which has no coast. Bağcılar is now an important trade and industrial center. Production workshops, trade shops, and trade centers such as İSTOÇ and Auto-Center are located here, especially in important sectors such as textile, food, metal, and press industry.

Bağcılar is the fastest growing district of Istanbul. According to the census made by Turkish statistical institute, its population is 749,267 as of 2019. Bağcılar is the largest district of Istanbul in terms of population. The number of educational age population in the district is 145,000, and 1/5 of the district population is students.

The real estate investment potential in the region increases with the increase in branded projects in Bağcılar and with the district becoming an important economic center.

Real Estate Investment in Bağcılar

The most valuable neighborhoods in Bağcılar were 15 Temmuz (July, 15), Yenimahalle, Yıldıztepe, Kirazlı and center.

Housing prices for sale have increased by 1.02% in the last one year in Bağcılar housing market, where the depreciation period is calculated as 18 years. It is seen that real estate prices in Bağcılar, which is the most populous district of Istanbul, are more suitable than other districts of the European side.

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