Residence Permit

With the increased interest in real estate investment in Turkey, and the availability of distinctive real estate projects, the interest of investors to move towards Turkey with the aim of investment or stability has increased.

This coincided with the facilitations provided by the Turkish government to foreigners constantly, to encourage real estate investment, including amending certain laws and opening the door to many nationalities for direct ownership.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Foreigners who intend to extend their stay in Turkey beyond the time limit prescribed in their visa, those who need a visa exemption or intend to stay for more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit.

Short-term residence permits are issued for a maximum of two years as a principle. A residence permit is invalidated if it is not used within six months.

Why Turkey?

Research shows that property sales in Turkey have increased in recent years, meaning that people visiting Turkey have decided to settle in Turkey for various reasons.

Geographical location is another important factor for Turkey’s prosperity, it is a link between Europe and Asia , and has provided a functional role and a qualitative leap in trade between the two continents.

Turkey’s strategic geographic location, gives it weight and political importance, being the center of transformation in the Middle East and Europe.

Nature and climate in Turkey, it is a paradise on earth. Turkey is a unique country with its natural beauty, green areas, pure sea, golden beaches, meadows and flatlands. Thanks to these advantages; Turkey’s tourism sector occupies an important place in the desire of investors to obtain a Turkish passport.

What motivates and encourages investment in Turkey?

The decision to reduce taxes in Turkey is one of a series of decisions concerning the real estate sector in Turkey and was reflected positively in stimulating foreign investors to own property in Turkey, which contributed to the revival of the real estate market in Turkey in general.

Turkey is a member of the G20, the world’s 20 largest economic powers. The G20 is a group of 19 countries as well as the European Union, and the meetings of this group focus particularly on economic policy topics.

Among the important questions about the new arrivals in Turkey are the procedures and costs of obtaining residence permits in Turkey. There are several types of residences in Turkey, including those that are extracted for the purpose of tourism or work and study.

What are the advantages of a Real Estate residence permit?

A real estate residence permit is similar to a tourist permit in many aspects, but the former is stronger in terms of viability and duration of renewal granted.

By buying a property in Turkey you are allowed to get a Real Estate residence permit, but not entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship through this residence permit, unless the property is worth at least $ 250.000, then the owner is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property on specific terms.

When you want to renewal the real estate residence permit, you must bring the title deed, on which your residence permit was granted.

In other words, buying a property in Turkey as well as the possibility of making a profitable investment besides obtaining the right for applying to Turkish citizenship.

What are the advantages of buying a property in Turkey?

Obtaining a residence permit, where foreigners who own properties in Turkey, whose price is less than $ 250.000, are granted a residence permit that is renewed annually. Real estate residence permit in Turkey is granted to the landlord, his wife, and his children under the age of 18.

Real estate in Turkey is the cheapest real estate investment in Europe, where real estate prices in Turkey are considerably cheaper than those in Europe, with similar features in infrastructure, and similar in structure of developed European countries.

Real estate investment in Turkey provides a profitable investment return, based on the economic activity and rapid urban development, and the strength of tourism in Turkey, which is best reflected in the periods and tourist seasons, through the demand for rental homes during those seasons distributed throughout the year.

What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The strength of the Turkish passport, where the Turkish passport is ranked 39th in the world, and its holder is granted access to 72 countries without a visa.

The Turkish passport and citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively short period of up to 30 days. Turkish citizen has the right to enter Europe without a visa in the future.

Turkish passport is valid for 10 years when received, and can be renewed for life.

One of the easiest ways for investors who want to obtain a Turkish passport is to buy a property in Turkey worth $ 250.000 in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. This has two benefits: acquiring Turkish citizenship and benefiting from real estate investment.

Realista facilitates all transactions to its customers!

With its wide experience in the Turkish real estate market, Realista can help you obtain Turkish citizenship by following documented, correct and accurate procedures.

In Turkey, there is no Turkey citizenship by investment official website to take citizenship applications. The Turkish Citizenship application processes are provided by authorized consultancy firms. The concepts like ” Turkish citizenship lawyer” or similar things are not used in Turkey.

The scope of Europe’s most profitable and secure real estate market in Turkey, which has one of making a real estate investment with an investment worth $ 250,000, you may have the Turkish citizenship Citizenship Program within 60 days.

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