Avcılar which is neighbouring Küçükçekmece, Yakuplu, Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir, and the Sea of ​​Marmara, has a population of 435,625 according to 2018 data. The fact that the region is on the E-5 and TEM highways has brought a great movement to the young and educated district. In addition to Istanbul University, many educational institutions and colleges in the district provided Avcılar to develop socioeconomically.

There are 10 neighbourhoods in Avcılar District. Although Cihangir and Denizköşkler neighbourhoods seem to stand out in terms of location and value especially in the center, Avcılar is one of Istanbul's popular investment areas for real estate investment.

Attraction Center of Avcılar

Bathonea Antique Harbor City, Atatürk and Haluk Perk Museums, the beach park where you can take peaceful coastal walks and have little tea breaks, Marmara Street, which is located in the center and draws attention with its stores open almost every hour of the day, are some of the prominent points of the always crowded and lively district.


Transportation is very easy in this district, where TEM and E5 highways pass. Although there are regular bus services from every point of Istanbul, the most effective and fastest way to reach the district is Metrobus. Avcılar, which is open to transportation by land as well as by sea, is in an advantageous location open to transportation by Istanbul Fast Ferries.

The metro line that will develop further in the medium range; it has been announced that it will serve the districts of Bağcılar, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Avcılar, and Esenyurt. It is predicted that the widespread use of metro and tram lines and the development of new projects will increase the real estate values ​​in the region.

Avcılar which is located 27 km from the center of Istanbul draws attention with its long coastline. There are more than a hundred hotels, motels, and pensions in the area. The center, Denizköşkler, Ambarlı, and Cihangir neighborhoods are among the prominent areas of the district in terms of entertainment and social life.

Restaurants cater to all kinds of tastes in Avcılar, and Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines are generally prominent. You can consume fresh seasonal fish and appetizers at affordable prices in quality venues on the coastline, and remember the tastes you forgot at home-cooking cafes.

Real Estate Investment in Avcılar

Avcılar is the district of Istanbul that draws attention to its industrial establishments and educational opportunities. In Avcılar, houses for sale and rent suitable for almost every budget can be found. Proximity to educational institutions, hospitals, and transportation facilities is a determining factor on prices.

When the sectoral data are examined, it can be seen that Avcılar is a very profitable district in terms of investment. Avcılar Campus of Istanbul University is located in the center. For this reason, university employees and students prefer to reside in the district. This increases the investment potential as it increases the rental prices.

Area Guide

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