10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Today

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Today

Foreign and local investors who use their savings by investing in real estate used to prefer offices for high rental income and short pay-off time. However, one should remember that modern residential projects are as profitable as offices.

In this article, we are going to find answers to the question “Why should I invest in real estate?”

Highlighting that houses pay off in nearly 20-22 years, experts say the pay-off duration for offices is 15-16 years.

What’s important is the quality and the location of the residential project when asking yourself “Should I invest in real estate?”

Houses built in new-generation areas where there are social facilities and whose location is at a premium host tenants for prices even higher than offices.

1+1, Office, or Vacant Land?

When investing in 1+1 houses, pay attention to its price per square meter. Turkey has a young population, which means there are many potential tenants who are students, newly married or divorced. Therefore, new projects mostly cover 1+1 apartments. However, the recent years saw such an abundance of 1+1 apartments that their prices per square meter double 3+1 flats. Therefore, the investment cost is high, while second-hand prices are low.

If you’re going to invest in 1+1 flats, first check the prices per square meter in other apartment types of the same project. You can easily find tenants for 1+1 apartments near universities. Remember: 1+0 apartments increase the value of 1+1 flats. In projects with 1+0 apartment types, 1+1 apartments are more valuable.

Office projects are safe regarding the rental income because they promise higher income, and companies make more stable tenants. However, office investment should be evaluated based on location.

If you’re planning a long-term investment, and want to leave your children a profitable property, then you can consider vacant land or plot. However, it is also important what “long-term” means to you. Considering the circumstances in the country in the past year, long-term starts from 15 years for vacant land or plot. Investors asking themselves “Should I invest in real estate?” always consider the pay-off time.

Are Office Investments Profitable?

Given the ROI figures, which are among the most important factors for an investment, an office with the right location and project can pay off in a short time. Investors turn their facers to offices as they pay off quickly and are among the real estate that gains the highest favor.

Real Estate is Still the Best Investment in Europe

Experts say that positive market dynamics, liquidity, steps for increasing public welfare, and the fact that real estate has turned into a service product after the increase of urban mobility make it possible for us to be optimistic about the future, especially when given the developing technological infrastructure.

We have been seeing that investors are highly engaged in logistical facilities, elderly care centers, mixed residential projects in terms of a shared economy, student dorms, healthcare facilities, data centers, apartments with concierge services, shared offices, offices that offer flexible services, industrial storages, self-service storages, hotels, science parks, social areas, and MIA area offices in the city centers. There are many people thinking “Should I invest in real estate?” Well, they should be thinking about the real estate type they’ll invest in!

Should I Invest in Real Estate in the Field of Logistics?

Logistics is a profitable industry with high-income potential. For instance, logistics storages and natural gas storages in Turkey aren’t solely rendering the chemistry industry. The retail industry dominates the market.

The profit that the logistics industry makes from retailing is about 10%. However, this could go up to 40% if there would be any investment in segments such as chemistry, natural gas, and healthcare. Such investments can become a massive income channel for the real estate industry.

How to Make an Ideal House Investment

To see the real answer to your question “Should I invest in real estate?” you need to wait a minimum of three years, while the ideal duration is five years. A real estate investment done right always benefits you better than other investment types. Regardless to say, such a business trade should be only made with a reliable organization whose technical knowledge you trust.

Istanbul’s Brand Value Lays in Its History

Nobody will want to see the skyscrapers in the center of Dubai. People visit places with artifacts that are 5000, 700, or even 1000 years old. Cities with rich history increase the brand value -and Istanbul’s brand value is among the highest in the world.

From an Islamic perspective, Istanbul has a historical mission of being the natural center of this religious geography. The fact that the number of foreigners investing in Istanbul increases every day shows us we have a long road ahead of us. If you’re still wondering “Should I invest in real estate?” first evaluate the city that your investment will be in.

University Students: We’d Invest in Gold or Real Estate If We Had the Money

Research conducted among 550 university students in 2020 found interesting results. The most preferred investment type is real estate, right after gold. 25.4% of the students studying abroad and 34.9% of those receiving education in Turkey says “I’d invest in real estate in the long term if I had savings.”

When asked about the investment preferences of their families, students say their parents mostly invest in real estate.

Why Should I Invest in Real Estate in Turkey?

With its geopolitical advantages, natural and cultural treasures, transportation facilities, newly-built bridges, airports, thriving tourism industry, trading sector, nightlife, and congress tourism, Turkey is an attractive country for foreign investors, as well as a strong state due to its stable economy.

Turkey will keep offering new opportunities, benefiting the investors, and increasing its value, all thanks to its growing economy, mega projects in the real estate sector, and market dynamics.

Additionally, the citizenship by investment program is a promising development made to attract foreign investors who can obtain Turkish citizenship after purchasing a property worth a minimum of $250,000. Those who are thinking “Should I invest in real estate in Turkey?” can find answers by evaluating the benefits and the data.

How to Make a Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment that is regarded as the one with the minimum or no risks is not only applicable for residential houses -you can also invest in vacant land, plots, agricultural land, garden, building, inn, and other immovable properties. Although there are many investment options such as gold, exchange, or stocks, the most guaranteed one is usually real estate investment.

Reasons to Invest in a House in Turkey

These include geographical location, infrastructure, social and cultural amenities, exchange rate, affordable prices, developed architectural technologies, career, and living opportunities, citizenship, ease of business, cost of living, and convenient payment plans. If you’re still wondering “Should I invest in real estate in Turkey?”, reach us and we’ll inform you further.

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