Turkey Traveling Guide: The Top 10 Most Famous Turkish Food

Turkish Flavors – It is a known fact all over the world that Turkish cuisine is very rich and the Turkish flavor is delicious. Whether you are going to Asia, Europe, or America, you are likely to encounter any Turkish restaurant. Do not be surprised that these restaurants are crammed. Because people are waiting in long lines in these restaurants to taste Turkish flavors.

So what are the world-famous Turkish flavors?

Turkish Ravioli

We start our list of 5 most popular Turkish Flavors with ravioli. Ravioli (in Turkish name is Mantı) that is prepared by putting minced meat into the dough sheets that have been opened thinly and cut into small rectangles, and then held on both sides and turned into triangles. Usually served with yogurt, butter, and sauce, ravioli is one of the most favorite dishes of many. Although it is usually known as Kayseri, its reputation has spread all over the world.


Menemen; A simple dish made with cayenne pepper and tomatoes, preferably white cheese. But this simple dish is quite popular around the world not only in Turkey. It has made a name for itself in many countries with the taste of menemen, the main crown of our breakfasts.

Lahmacun – Turkish Pizza

In the third place, there is a lahmacun, which is also known as “Turkish Pizza” worldwide and which most of us cannot taste with a meal. Especially known in the Gundeyeast region, lahmacun is another Turkish flavor known and loved worldwide. It continues to conquer the hearts with kashkaval, ground beef, mixed, sausage, and many more.


Of course, we would not be able to add the doner to this list. In every city in Turkey, it is possible to come across a revolving restaurant on every street. There are also Turkish doner restaurants in many countries, especially in European and Asian countries.

Turkish Flavors – Baklava

We kept the best of the finale. Baklava is one of the tastes that come to mind when it comes to Turkish cuisine. Undoubtedly, it is a well-known fact that sweets with desserts have an important position in the Turkish palate. Baklava, prepared by adding materials such as peanuts, walnuts, clotted cream between thinly opened and layered layers on top of each other, takes the final form by adding sherbet after slicing and cooking in the shape of a rhombus. Baklava, which dates back to the Ottoman Period, is loved and eaten all over the world. When it comes to Baklava, Gaziantep comes to mind.

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