6 Reasons to Live in Turkey

6 Reasons to Live in Turkey

6 Reasons to Live in Turkey And Many foreigners settle here to start life anew, work, or spend their retirement days on good reasons to live in Turkey. Turkey dramatically changed for the better in the past seventeen years, with many developments taking place rapidly. 

With its unrivaled geographical location and fascinating history, Turkey, the cradle of civilizations, is a desirable option for foreigners and their families. 

Foreign nationals from all over the world can acquire real estate in Turkey. Additionally, upon annotating that they won’t sell it for three years, they can become Turkish citizens, which is among the reasons to live in Turkey.

One of the major determiners of the social, economic, cultural, and political developments in Turkey is its geographical location. It unites Asia and Europe and therefore is a unique country. 

Turkey is where the Balkans, Caucasia, Middle East, and Mediterranean basin unite. As a result, it is possible to arrive at countries like Finland, Morocco, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia, Turkmenistan, and the UK after a 4-hour flight from Istanbul. Additionally, Turkish Airlines flies to the highest number of destinations globally. 

The Weather

As a result of both its location and geographical characteristics, Turkey, a country surrounded by sea on three sides, experiences highly different climates in the coastal and inner regions. 

The western and southern coasts have a Mediterranean climate with low rainfall during winters. However, the inner regions, where the altitude is high, see winters colder than other Mediterranean countries. 

So, what do these temperatures mean? Maybe a big suitcase filled with clothes suitable for different climates. However, Turkey is a prominent country regarding the textile industry, and therefore you can shop for affordable clothes even though you don’t bring your own. 

The geographical and climatic diversity in Turkey provides countless options in agricultural production, sports, and tourism more than any other country. Such advantages give good reasons to live in Turkey.

Turkish Food

Even though home-cooking is a common practice in Turkey, there are many options from traditional food to fast food you can opt to eat your fill. You can easily find restaurants and cafes offering red/white meat, seafood, and vegetarian food in big cities. 

Unlike many other cultures, breakfast in Turkey is a full meal you shouldn’t skip, as Turkish mothers suggest. Turkish bagels, pancakes, and pastries are essential for a quick breakfast. However, you can find a table arrayed with cheese, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, Turkish sausages, pastries, pancakes, jellies, honey, and tea at the weekend for an enjoyable breakfast. What makes a better reason to live in Turkey than delicious local cuisine?

The Healthcare

Turkey offers international healthcare services under the General Health Insurance system. Within the scope of this system, all residents registered with the Social Security Institution can receive free healthcare services in the hospitals that have a contract with the SSI. 

Healthcare services in Turkey are of high quality. With the “Everyone has the right to social security” provision in the law, Turkey allows all citizens to access healthcare services as a social state. Healthcare services provided by state and private hospitals alike are accessible and affordable, which is one of the reasons to live in Turkey especially for retired people. 

Due to the top-quality services it offers, the country’s geographical location accessible with a 4-hour flight, and the warm climate in Turkey pave the way for it to be renowned for medical tourism. 

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are defined as any kind of sports activity done using equipment outdoors. Even though the first things to come to mind are hiking or trekking, outdoor activities don’t solely consist of these. 

You can enjoy outdoor activities in tourist areas such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Cappadocia, and particularly in Mediterranean locations such as Antalya, Kemer, and Belek. 

Because Turkey experiences four seasons, international sports enthusiasts are drawn into the country and see this opportunity as a reason to live in Turkey

The Museums

The rich history here is among the reasons to live in Turkey. Must-see museums unite culture and art enthusiasts at every corner of the country. The cradle of civilizations, Turkey used to house the most powerful emperorships throughout history since Göbeklitepe. The country has been attracting archaeologists from across the world, and thousands of historical artifacts worthy of seeing are displayed in the museums. 

The arrangement for the first museum in Turkey started in 1846 and ended in 1847. Consisting of four yards and one harem, Topkapı Palace Museum is where you can find traces of Islamic and Ottoman history. On the other hand, the Hagia Sophia Museum that attracts more than 2 million visitors every year was built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian between 532 and 537.

According to a Tripadvisor survey conducted in 2018 among travelers, Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep is the first museum to see in Turkey. n addition to mosaics such as the Gypsy Girl, which is considered the Mona Lisa of the mosaic world, works of Late Antiquity, Early Syriac, and Christian iconography can be seen in this museum.

The Costs of Living

Naturally, families with kids have to bear higher educational expenses while such expenses don’t arise for people living alone. This is the first criteria we can take regarding the cost of living. 

The second factor is about your lifestyle and whether you drive your own car, drink alcohol, smoke, and eat outside. Lastly, the cost of living is different in each region. Even though Istanbul is much cheaper than London or New York, it is still the most expensive place in Turkey.

One of the main reasons to live in Turkey is the low costs of living. Assuming you own your property and don’t have to pay rent or loan, you will need approximately $2,000 per month to lead a comfortable life in Turkey. However, this figure reaches $2,500-3,000 in big cities such as Ankara and İzmir. You can live in Turkey for $1,000, too -however, it would be a modest way of living. 

6 Reasons to Live in Turkey

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