7 Fun Things to do in Uskudar District of Istanbul

7 Fun Things to do in Uskudar District of Istanbul

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Üsküdar has always been a significant location, from the ancient times to the Byzantine Reign, Ottoman era, and the Republic Period. Üsküdar was first established when the Phoenicians settled in the region around BC 1000 and built trading ports and shipyards.

The settlement continued into the Roman and Byzantine eras in this area that was called Skutari during those times. After the conquest of Istanbul, Üsküdar became the most lively center on the Anatolian side. Mosques, Turkish baths, caravansaries, fountains, libraries for the public were built here, as well as palaces, mansions, and kiosks for the sultans, pashas, and statesmen.

The first flight of the world that Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi initiated ended here when he landed in Üsküdar.  Today, there are many things to do in Üsküdar, from admiring the breathtakingly beautiful kiosks to relaxing in the grooves. 

You can enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus on the coastal line of Üsküdar, the oldest district on the Anatolian side, or experience a bird’s-eye-view from the Çamlıca Hill. 

About Üsküdar

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Located on Istanbul’s Anatolian Side, Üsküdar is surrounded by Beykoz in the north, Ümraniye in the northern-east, Ataşehir in the east, Kadıköy in the south, and Bosphorus in the west. 

Üsküdar consists of 33 neighborhoods and is one of the greenest districts in Istanbul. The grooves in Üsküdar that are open to the public are also recreation areas. Some of the prominent educational and cultural institutions are situated within the borders of Üsküdar.

Üsküdar, for Centuries!

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Üsküdar is regarded as the land where the people that converted to Islam first arrived. It is the oldest settlement area in Istanbul’s Anatolian side. Hosting many civilizations in history, this district was also a Muslim city before the conquest of Istanbul. It is considered a land of the Kaaba, and therefore called “Belde-i Tayyibe”. 

When the Muslims of the west were going on pilgrimage, they would kiss the soil upon arriving in Üsküdar, feeling they stepped on the Kaaba grounds. 

Places to Visit in Üsküdar

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – There are many fun things to do in Üsküdar that are worthy of your time. One of the most popular ports for crossing over to the Anatolian side, Üsküdar offers many beauties to the visitors with its mesmerizing Maiden’s Tower, mosques from the 16th century, historical fountain in the square, miniature Şemsi Paşa Mosque, and its madrasah on the coast, Mihrimah Mosque, historical Karacaahmet Graveyard, famous Fethi Paşa Groove, and small and big Çamlıca hills. 

The dining places in Üsküdar mostly consist of restaurants offering Turkish cuisine and fish restaurants. If you are looking for things to do in Üsküdar at nighttime, you can opt for waterfront taverns, too. 

One of the most enjoyable activities in this district is admiring the Maiden’s Tower as you walk by the coast, relax in the Fethi Paşa Groove, and sip your tea against the magnificent Istanbul view on the Çamlıca Hill. Another thing you can do is unwind in one of the numerous Turkish baths in Üsküdar. 

Fethi Paşa Groove

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Another thing to do in Üsküdar is to unwind in the Fethi Paşa Groove. Located between Üsküdar and Beylerbeyi and on a hill overseeing the Bosphorus, Fethi Paşa Groove is one of the most beautiful grooves and parks in Istanbul. It offers a unique Bosphorus scenery for you to enjoy a good breakfast or unwind against the magnificent view. 

Çamlıca Hill

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – If you are looking for an enjoyable thing to do in Üsküdar, you can visit Çamlıca Hill to spend a relaxing day while admiring the breathtakingly beautiful Istanbul view. Particularly breakfasts and dinners that you will have here will leave you with unforgettable memories. One of the highest points in Istanbul and therefore offering the most beautiful views, Çamlıca Hill consists of Big Çamlıca and Small Çamlıca.

Maiden’s Tower 

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Visiting Maiden’s Tower is perhaps the most popular thing to do in Üsküdar. You can start exploring Üsküdar from the coastline by going to the iconic Maiden’s Tower. It has inspired many writers, poets, and painters throughout history.

You can arrive here through shuttle buses that leave from the Üsküdar coast, but seeing the Maiden’s Tower from further away in the coast of Üsküdar or Harem is also very enjoyable. 

Museums in Üsküdar

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Going to museums is a popular thing to do in Üsküdar among local and foreign tourists. Mehmet Naci Aköz Kite Museum, Sabri Artam Automobile Museum, Istanbul Graphic Arts Museum, and Florence Nightingale Museum are among the most popular museums in this district. One common point of all these museums is that they appeal to visitors of every age. 

Pavilions, Grooves, and Kiosk in Üsküdar

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Expanding through the coastal line, Üsküdar provides the opportunity to visit many kiosks, grooves, and pavilions. One of the most worthwhile things to do in Üsküdar, seeing the waterfront mansions lining up against the sea and grooves are hidden among the greenery is something to add to your travel list. 

Kıbrıslı Mansion, Kont Ostrorog Mansion, Mahmud Nedim Paşa Mansion, Abud Efendi Mansion, Edib Efendi Mansion, Sadullah Paşa Mansion, Fethi Ahmet Paşa Mansion, Vaniköy Mansion, Adile Sultan Pavilion, Fethi Paşa Groove, Mihrabad Groove, and Çamlıca Kiosk de are other places we recommend you pay a visit to.

Parks in Üsküdar

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – Things to do in Üsküdar are not limited to visiting places and exploring -you can slo do sports and have an enjoyable walk. You have the luxury to relax, read a book, or do sports in the greenest parks here. You can benefit from the opportunity to spend a day off in Doğancılar Park or Millet Bahçesi. 

Turkish Baths in Üsküdar

Relaxing in a Turkish bath is a very traditional thing to do in Üsküdar for centuries. Prime examples of Turkish bath architecture, Valide Atık Turkish Bath and Beylerbeyi Turkish Bath are located within the borders of Üsküdar. We suggest you visit these Turkish baths to see the traces of different periods in history. 

Şifa Turkish Bath, also known as the Old Turkish bath, is another historical place you must see. This Turkish Bath has different areas for women and men and is a magnificent building of the Ottoman reign. 

Neighborhoods in Üsküdar 

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – The neighborhoods in Üsküdar are as follows: Acıbadem, Altunizade, Bahçelievler, Beylerbeyi, Bulgurlu,Cumhuriyet, Çengelköy, Ferah, Kandilli, Kirazlıtepe, Kuzguncuk, Mimarsinan, Muratreis, Selimiye, Ünalan, and Yavuztürk.

Hotels in Üsküdar

Hotels in Üsküdar are places where you can see the historical peninsula view that resembles a painting. You can admire the beauty of Istanbul in Üsküdar that faces the Bosphorus. 

Most of the hotels are nestled in Çamlıca, Altunizade, and Beylerbeyi neighborhoods. You can spend a weekend in these hotels and truly experience the spirit of the district. 

How to Get to Üsküdar

Things to do in Uskudar & Uskudar things to do – It is quite easy to arrive at Üsküdar as there are IETT Municipal Buses depart from many areas in Istanbul. It is also possible to utilize sea transportation from Eminönü and Beşiktaş -or you can opt for Marmaray in Sirkeci or shared taxi in Kadıköy. 

This Was 7 Fun Things to do in Uskudar District of Istanbul

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