Advantages of Buying a House in Beylikdüzü

Buying a House in Beylikdüzü

Buying a House in Beylikdüzü – Beylikdüzü is one of the new living spaces that Istanbul needs. Beylikdüzü is located on the Marmara Sea coast of the European side. There is a densely green area in its large area. Besides, the controlled settlement areas formed in the district don’t allow the formation of shanty houses that didn’t exist even in the past. Luxury sites, mass housing projects, and residences which are built in recent years offer modern living spaces with sea views.

Real Estate Investment in Beylikduzu

Therefore, it is really privileged to live in Beylikdüzü. There are residential areas in 10 different neighborhoods in the district with sea views or built with wide boulevards, avenues, and cozy streets. Beylikdüzü refers to the planned face of Istanbul. Beylikdüzü is changing the face of Istanbul with ‘’Yeşil Vadi’’ Botanical Park and modern shopping centers, business, and trade centers as a district where settlement increases every day.

Buying a House in Beylikdüzü

Beylikdüzü is a district where 40 percent of its residents are postgraduates. Therefore, living in Beylikdüzü also provides a respectful and elite life. Foreign citizens also reside in this district, which is one of the most cosmopolitan districts of Istanbul. Transportation is easy in this district thanks to the coastal road and wide boulevards. In this district, people don’t want the development of factors that will disrupt the structure of the district and create more crowds. People who complain about the scarcity of green areas find peace thanks to the housing projects in the district of Beylikdüzü.

Why Buyers Like the Beylikduzu Property Market

The district is also called a shopping heaven. Both the people who come to the district for the shopping malls and the people in the district maintain the order by taking care of the city life. It has easy access with its mild climate and coastal facilities. Beylikdüzü also provides an affordable settlement. Many people prefer to live in Beylikdüzü because it offers a very active and peaceful life during the day. This district is at an economically good point. It has an important position thanks to its Ambarlı port, marinas, organized industrial zones, and business centers. Sports centers, club facilities, educational institutions, congress centers and culture, and arts centers offer a modern life in this district.

The structuring of the city is progressing in an orderly manner and with respect for human life. Therefore, many important steps are taken to protect natural life and nature. Besides, the district is an important preferred region with the safe living conditions it offers.

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