All You Need to Know About the Benefits of the Turkish Citizenship

Benefits of Turkish citizenship

All You Need to Know About the Benefits of the Turkish Citizenship

Benefits of Turkish citizenship –  There are six different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. The fastest and easiest way of them all is to acquire citizenship by real estate investment for those who want to take advantage of the benefits of Turkish citizenship.

Particularly due to recent regulations, the investment costs have reduced dramatically, paving the way for foreigners who buy property worth a minimum of $250,000 to conveniently benefit from the citizenship acquirement program. 

Acquiring citizenship through real estate investment is attractive, not only for the extensive portfolio in the Turkish real estate market but also for the convenient and quick process the government grants. 

Benefits of Turkish citizenship  – We can summarize what you need to know about Turkish citizenship acquirement as follows:

  • You must buy an immovable property worth a minimum of $250,000.
  • You can also apply for citizenship upon buying an office, a store, or land. 
  • The process finalizes within 30 days after application. 
  • The investor who buys the property, along with their family, are granted a temporary residence permit. 
  • Their spouse and children under 18 years old are also eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Their children over 18 years old in need of constant care have the right to become Turkish citizens.

The degree of Turkish Passport

With its location, geographical advantages, climate, natural beauties, and government support for investors, Turkey is one of the countries that receive the greatest demand. 

Taking advantage of the benefits of Turkish citizenship and receiving a Turkish passport is now easier thanks to the recent financial regulations. Foreigners have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport by buying property or making an investment in certain amounts. 

Benefits of Turkish citizenship- One of the thirty most powerful passports globally, a Turkish passport allows you to visit more than 110 countries without the requirement of a visa, along with 26 Schengen countries. Turkish passport is the 18th most valuable passport in Europe. 

Turkish citizens have the right to receive free education in state universities. You can benefit from the retirement program, receive free healthcare in the state universities, and vote in the elections. 

Benefits of Turkish citizenship bring the advantage of dual nationality. Allowing citizens to have dual citizenship, the Turkish passport is divided into four as diplomatic passports, special passport, service passport, and tourist passport. It is a biometric passport and is valid for up to ten years.

The tuition fee is regulated every year in accordance with the monetary depreciation. You can obtain a 6-month or 3-year+ Turkish passport. The price varies between 25 and 150 dollars in line with their validity period and is updated every year.  

Let us remind you that if the EU negotiations conclude on a positive note for Turkey’s accession to the union as expected, Turkish citizens will be able to hold Schengen visas and travel freely to many European countries, which will be included in the benefits of the Turkish citizenship.

Which countries allow visitors that hold a Turkish Passport?

Benefits of Turkish citizenship – Without the requirement of a visa, Turkish citizens can enter more than 72 countries, some of which are as follows: Japan, Thailand, Qatar, South Korea, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Belarus, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Paraguay, Serbia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Uruguay. In addition to this, they can receive visas during their entrance to more than 42 countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, and some of the African countries, and receive an online visa for 7 countries such as Australia and Oman.

Turkey’s strategic importance

Benefits of Turkish citizenship – Anatolia is the cradle of civilizations. Ever since the earth was born, it has been the capital of big states and empires. Hittites planted the seeds of the civilization here about 4000 years ago. Ottomans, too, was born here. Therefore, every corner of Anatolia is brimming with historical locations. The first settlement in the world, Göbeklitepe is located in Turkey. Those who visit Anatolian Civilizations Museum can see the 15,000-year-old history of Anatolia.

Two of the three churches in the world where Christians visit to make the pilgrimage are situated in Turkey. Millions of tourists every year flock to the church of the Virgin Mary in İzmir. Antakya is regarded as the capital of the major religions. 

The benefit of the Turkish Passport in the future

Benefits of Turkish citizenship – The passport of Turkey is the most powerful passport after the passports of the Russian Federation, Micronesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Albania, and it is more powerful than Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Other benefits of the Turkish citizenship

Benefits of the Turkish citizenship are more than you think. There many advantages of living in Turkey as a foreigner in many terms such as climate, nature, social, and culture. The weather is sunny in general, and Turkey is a multi-cultural country that offers many fresh dishes. 

Benefits of Turkish citizenship- The most popular places in Turkey, the Mediterranean Region, and the Aegean Region promise numerous outdoor activities and a magnificent background, as well as countless sunny days, a great nature, and delicious cuisine. In addition, the cost of living in Turkey is quite reasonable, particularly for the Europeans. 

Benefits of the Turkish citizenship can be delicious, too! Turkish cuisine is highly popular among foreigners with various fresh vegetables and fruits. In almost every district in Turkey, you can find weekly bazaars held weekly where you can buy fresh food directly from the farmers.

Nearly every region in Turkey has a multi-cultural environment as there are people with many different roots living here. 

How to get Turkish Citizenship? What advantages better for you? What are your needs about Turkish Citizenship? For all answers, you should contact to experts.

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