Buying a House During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Buying a House During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Housing Markets in a Pandemic – Natural disasters and pandemic processes have also changed the real estate preferences of investors. The earthquake disasters and the pandemic process we experienced as a country greatly affected our priorities when Buying Property in Turkey especially buying house. First of all, when purchasing a house, solid structures built following the earthquake regulations should be preferred.

Housing markets in a pandemic

In this period when we spend more time in our house due to Covid-19 and curfew restrictions, we understood the value of the house more. For this reason, projects that stand out with their social facilities and comfort, rather than meeting the need for shelter, started to be preferred in new housing choices.

Demand for houses with terraces and gardens has increased by 228 percent

During the pandemic process, our homes have become a place where we spend more time and become even a workplace for many people. Therefore, the projects that have features that will enjoy our leisure time, as well as residential properties, have recently started to draw attention.

Learning from disasters

Investors pay attention to all these issues and aim to ensure that homeowners spend more comfortable and quality time at home. In addition to its rich social facilities, sports facilities and shopping opportunities are combined. Besides, they aim to ensure that children have a comfortable educational life without leaving their homes by adding educational institutions to the projects. Spaces, where they can have a pleasant time, are created in the project with wide landscaping areas, a biological pond, walking tracks.

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