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Buying an Off-Plan Property

Buying an Off-Plan Property – Buying housing from the project in recent years is one of the most economical ways to own a house. One of the most important reasons for this is the density of projects that came into our lives with urban transformation and attractive payment plans offered to buyers. The projects stand out with their social living areas, their security, and of course their potential to make a premium.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey

Buying housing from the project creates a much more affordable cost than buying a completed apartment. It allows us to make changes at home. In case of an agreement with the project management firm, it will be possible to proceed with an easy payment plan with various interest rates and loan opportunities.

Social opportunities and living spaces of housing projects are much more developed than classical neighborhood life. This is a great reason for preference, especially for large and potential families.

Another advantage is that the project, which is not yet completed, allows you to make the changes you want in the apartment. This provides a very large floor. In addition, if you react early, you can also have the chance to buy the flat and facade you want.

Things you need to pay attention to about project residences

In order not to be a victim when buying a house through the project, you should first try to move forward with a reliable company. You should clarify the “square meter unit price” of the house you intend to purchase from the project.

When you know this price, you can find the most advantageous investment opportunity by comparing the unit prices of other alternatives. In addition, you should definitely take a look at the projects completed by the construction companies, talk to residents and visit their sample flats if possible. This trip will give you a clear idea of ​​the final project.

One of the most important things to consider before signing a housing project is the “Preliminary Construction Contract for Sale”. This contract to be signed at the land registry must be approved by a notary. In addition, the completion date of the construction, the delay period and the penal conditions to be applied in case of delay should be clearly stated.

Buying an off-plan property

You should make sure that the technical specification specifies every detail in the smallest detail in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when the project is finished. You should not forget that the brand or quality standard of the materials used, the furnace to be placed in the house, fixtures such as air conditioning, and environmental regulations should be specified in the specification.

Buying an Off-Plan Property – You can browse to review affordable housing projects of reliable construction companies and own flats and invest in your future by acquiring citizenship through investment.

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