Istanbul is a world city that has been the capital of civilizations. One of the most beautiful places in this city is the Bosphorus and Beykoz, which is a part of it.

Beykoz is the pearl of the Bosphorus and the last district of Istanbul before opening to the Black Sea. It is surrounded by the Bosphorus in the west, Şile in the east, the Black Sea in the north, and Çekmeköy, Üsküdar and Ümraniye in the south.

Beykoz is the first place Ottoman conquered in Istanbul with its three-thousand-year history. It was the herald of the conquest with the Anatolian Fortress built by Sultan Yıldırım Bayezid. It is a town with Göksu, Küçüksu, and Akbaba, İncirköy, Beykoz meadow and picnic area of Istanbul.

Fish restaurants in Anadolu Kavağı are popular places for local and foreign tourists. Akbaba Sultan Tomb and Masjid in Akbaba Village, Yuşâ Tomb in Anadolu Kavağı Yuşâ Hill, İskender Pasha Tomb and Mosque in Kanlıca, Kırklar Baba Tomb in Dereseki Village, and Uzun Evliya Tomb in Orta Çeşme are some of the regions with many visitors.

There are many things to do in Beykoz, whose historical past goes back to 700 BC. Rally and off-road, extreme sports, sporting condition, the Scout camp organization, Turkey Football Federation activities, archery and beach tourism, Beykoz Grove trip, Beykoz Municipality of organizations and so on.

Real Estate Investment in Beykoz

Beykoz, one of the most distinguished districts of Istanbul, is one of the most preferred places for real estate evaluation. The district offers its residents excellent investment opportunities with its magnificent Bosphorus view and city life intertwined with nature.

Beykoz is one of the rare districts of Istanbul where green and blue are mixed. Housing prices for sale in Beykoz have increased by 1.44 per cent in the last year.

Average for sale residential property size is 235 square meters. As of the end of 2020, the most valuable neighbourhoods in Beykoz district for housing were the Center, Riva, Gümüşsuyu, Anatolian Fortress and Yalıköy.

Area Guide

If you're looking for a peaceful and suburban lifestyle, areas outside the city center are a good option.