Eyüp Sultan

Eyüp is also known as Eyüpsultan. Eyüp is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is a district that brings together nature and belief tourism.

Its area is 242 square kilometers. Eyüp district has borders with Sarıyer, Kağıthane, Beyoğlu, Gaziosmanpaşa, Fatih, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy districts.

It takes its name from Ebu Eyyub el-Ansari, who has a tomb within its borders. Eyüpsultan is not only a mosque and a cemetery, but is also famous for its lodges, which were once considered non-governmental organizations.

It is the first settlement established by the Turks outside the city walls after the conquest of Istanbul. There are many old historical buildings in Eyüp.

Real Estate Investment in Eyüp

Housing prices for sale increased by 0.4% in the last year in Eyüpsultan. Average depreciation time is calculated as 15 years in Eyüpsultan.

Average for sale residential property size is 100 square meters. The most valuable neighbourhoods in Eyüpsultan district are Çırçır, center of Göktürk, Emniyettepe, Karadolap, and Topçular.

It has a 2.6-kilometre shore to the Golden Horn. Eyüp continues to develop with new investments. It is foreseen that the new metro and tram lines, which will establish a link between Eminönü and Eyüp, will also affect real estate prices. The construction of the third airport draws attention as the biggest investment made in terms of transportation to Eyüp.

Every year, many local and foreign tourists come to Istanbul who wants to experience the nostalgic spirit of Istanbul and witness the meeting of the city with history. Besides, Eyüp residents are never deprived of this mystical atmosphere.

Area Guide

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