Kağıthane covers a total area of ​​16 km2. Ayazağa, which is connected to Şişli in the north, is surrounded by Şişli district lands in the south and southeast. The district is adjacent to Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu and Eyüp districts. The strategic location of the district comes to the forefront thanks to the transformation and other real estate projects, as well as the developments in transportation such as the metro, Kağıthane and Dolmabahçe tunnels, the 3rd bridge, the 3rd airport, and the three-storey tube passage (Big Istanbul Tunnel).

Today, many residential and office projects are being implemented in every neighbourhood of the district. Kağıthane, adjacent to the developed regions of the European Side, is located in the west of the Bosphorus, on the European side.

Kağıthane stream and its surroundings, which gave its name to the Kağıthane district, was a popular recreation spot in the Ottoman period. Sultans used to hunt in this region from time to time. Kagithane, which became famous for its natural beauties and groves, has become a popular entertainment place since the XV century. It has preserved this feature for many centuries.

Real Estate Investment in Kağıthane

Kağıthane has a total of 19 neighbourhoods. Current real estate prices in Kağıthane have increased remarkably in recent years. Being close to Maslak - Levent region, which is one of the most important business centres of Istanbul, has raised value in this district.

Seyrantepe, Emniyet Evleri, Çeliktepe neighbourhoods, which are close to the Maslak region, and the central district, which is the most crowded place of Kağıthane, are the prominent places.

Housing prices increased by 2.51% in the Kağıthane housing market for sale in the last year. Average depreciation period in Kağıthane district is calculated as 17 years.

Area Guide

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