Şile stands out with its lush green nature, clean air and sea as well as its historical richness from Byzantine, Roman and Hittites. Şile resembles a holiday village with its long Black Sea coast and wonderful natural beauty.

This charming fishing town is a four-season attraction with its proximity to Istanbul and accommodation alternatives. It is one of the most ideal spots for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city and relax... Şile cloth, which is named after the district, is the first choice of visitors for their shopping!

It welcomes more visitors, especially in the summer. There are many natural and historical beauties to be seen in Şile. It is remarkable with its sandy beaches and blue flag beaches, waterfalls, churches and historical ruins. The area of ​​this district is 755 km². Besides, Şile is one of the first municipalities established with the foundation of the Republic.

Real Estate Investment in Şile

Housing prices have increased by 3.27% in the last year in the Şile housing market. The average depreciation time for a 100 square meter house in Şile district is 19 years. Considering the annual averages, the most valuable neighbourhoods in Şile for housing as of the end of 2020 are Meşrutiyet, Çayırbaşı, Kumbaba, Balibey, and Ağva. Average for sale residential property size is 150 square meters.

There are attractive project and land opportunities in Şile for people who want to invest their savings in real estate. The expansion of transportation facilities such as the Black Sea highway and the third bridge connection road makes the land and housing investments in this district even more profitable.

Area Guide

If you're looking for a peaceful and suburban lifestyle, areas outside the city center are a good option.