Sarıyer is adjacent to the Bosphorus of Istanbul. Sarıyer; It is one of the most prestigious regions of Istanbul with its vegetation and geographical advantages. Part of the Belgrad Forests; Rumeli Kavağı, Rumeli Feneri and Kilyos are among the important picnic areas of the district.

In Sarıyer, the settlement is lined up along the coast. There are 23 districts and 9 villages in Sarıyer, where steep slopes rise after a narrow coastline. Sarıyer is the place where people from different beliefs and cultures live in peace. Sarıyer; it is one of the most important districts of Istanbul with its nature, history, cultural heritage from the Ottomans and sea tourism. Baltalimanı, Emirgan, Ferahevler, İstinye, Maslak, Reşit Pasha, Rumelikavağı, Rumelia Fortress, Tarabya, Yeniköy and Kilyos are the most valuable neighborhoods of Istanbul for the real estate market.

Sarıyer has been perceived as a summer resort throughout its history. That's why the industry has never stood out in this district economy. That's why; there are sheltered areas such as Presidential Grove, Sait Halim Pasha Grove and Misbah Grove where you can have a pleasant time. The region is famous for its groves as well as forests. It draws attention with its mosques, churches, castles, tombs, palaces, mansions and mansions. Since Sarıyer is an important picnic area, it is preferred for leisure, entertainment and sports purposes on weekdays and weekends. Almost all of the land in Sarıyer is green.

Sarıyer has a much lower level of air pollution from Turkey and the European Union' levels. According to the official data of the World Health Organization (WHO), Sarıyer has a quality air that can open its doors to health tourism.

İstinye and Sarıyer and Büyükdere are the main rivers of Sarıyer. In addition, Çırçır Water, Hünkâr Water, Healing Water which is located on the slopes of the hills in Sarıyer is among the quality spring waters of all Istanbul, especially the district. Baykuş Beach, Garipçe Village, Maslak Pavilions, Marmaracık and Tarabya Bays, Telli Baba Tomb, Classic Automobile Museum, Huber Mansion and Rumelian Lighthouse are the prominent attraction centres of the district.


Transportation is carried out by ferry and motorboat similar to Beşiktaş and Üsküdar by the sea. Road transportation is provided by bus, minibus, taxi and metro services in Sarıyer. The Bosphorus tours, which are attended by people who want to see the beautiful districts, mansions and historical spots of the Bosphorus in spring and summer, are organized by various organizations, especially Istanbul City Lines, and they are in great demand.

Prices are constantly increasing in the Sarıyer housing market for sale. Average housing depreciation time in Sarıyer district is calculated as 22 years. Considering annual averages, the neighbourhoods that rise in the most value in Sarıyer district for housing as of 2020 are Demirciköy, Baltalimanı, Darüşşafaka, Huzur, and Rumelian Fortress.

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