The district has a surface area of ​​36 km². It is neighbors with Eyüpsultan, Esenler, Gaziosmanpaşa, and Başakşehir districts. It is one of the oldest and historical settlements around Istanbul. Sultangazi; It is home to the Alibey dam, Cebeci quarries, and several small streams.

Sultangazi; It is a fact that the Vezneciler-Sultangazi metro line, which will connect Gaziosmanpaşa, Eyüp, and Fatih districts from underground, causes changes in property prices with the transportation advantages provided. Vezneciler-Sultangazi metro line starting from the Fatih Vezneciler area ends in the Sultangazi Masjid-i Selam region. The distance between Vezneciler-Sultangazi is only 19 minutes with this metro line!

Real Estate Investment in Sultangazi

The region is also the focal point of urban transformation projects in addition to its valuable location. Many branded housing projects are implemented in the district, which increases their value every day. Housing prices have increased by 1.27% in the last year in the Sultangazi housing market for sale. The average depreciation time for a 100 square meter house in the Sultangazi district is 20 years.

Habibler, Eski Habibler, Gazi, Yunus Emre, Cebeci are the most valuable neighborhoods in the Sultangazi district for housing as of the end of 2020. The average for sale residential property size is 105 square meters.

Area Guide

If you're looking for a peaceful and suburban lifestyle, areas outside the city center are a good option.