Home Office Study Guide for Companies

Home Office Study Guide for Companies

”Home office’‘ is working from home and a convenient working method that can be tried non-epidemic times. In other words, we will look for answers to the questions of how the home office can be implemented on the company and employee basis, for whom it is suitable, and is it financially advantageous.

The benefits of working from home for a white-collar that does not work with arm strength are shortly grouped under 3 main headings. According to the thesis that remote workers are happier, it is “health”, it is “time” no wasting time on the right and left in traffic and it is “money” because it saves road and food money.

These stand out as the advantages of the flexible working model. However, there are also disadvantages based on employers.

You may have to deal with a lot of chores because of your close or friends who are encouraged by your being at home. You can do things like pick up the kids from school, walk the dog, iron the laundry, or even prepare the meal. Even it can be said that “you are at home anyway, how much time can it take?”

Even if all these scenarios are not experienced people, who are far from work discipline, maybe complacent. It is also possible for women to behavior the housewife mode while engaging in childcare.

Who is the Home Office Suitable for?

The teleworking practice is more or less suitable for any company, because;  it does not require face-to-face communication with the customer, via telephone or digital tools. Likewise, there are all freelance roles that we can group in the informatics sector; journalism, writing, graphic design works, editing, copywriting, and software jobs are areas.

Even if they are far away, after the necessary conditions are established, they are the areas where a very good yield can be obtained. Data analysts, architects, and translators are other industries familiar with this new way of working.

How Can We Control Employees?

There are many business tracking applications in the Digital World. In addition to Asana, Bitrix, Trello, and Jira will do your job for multitasking.  Slack and Skype must be tried for visual and written communication. Since all these interfaces offer synchronized tracking, all work steps will be under the control of the relevant teams. It is advantageous for both employers and employees. The logic tasks of all these software; “To do”, “currently done” and “done” groups.

How Will We Communicate?

There is Slack where you can see if your employees are online and record the communication. In addition to Slack, Skype, which is the most stable tool, is one of the programs preferred by companies for communication and meetings. It can even integrate Slack with Asana and Trello without the need for professional support and assign people by creating tasks. According to the demands of the customers; You should not skip Facebook’s Messenger and Apple’s FaceTime. 

Creating the Required Environment for Home Office

In addition to the standard home office working hours and principles to be determined; A fast internet connection, mobile internet support against possible interruptions, cloud backup solutions, the supply of printers and other equipment, fixed telephones, and a spacious working environment. They are among the first to come to mind to create a comfortable space.

Telecommuting programs often provide employers with greater financial flexibility by reducing office and other expenses. Perhaps, as a company, you can save on office space or bills.

Your choice of “Home Office” as an employer, shows employees that they are valuable and that you trust them. As a result, this choice can improve motivation, well-being, and productivity. This new situation can be tested by allowing employees to work from home at least 1 day a week. It is possible to increase the time gradually after the problems are identified and eliminated.

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