Housing Sales to Foreigners Increased by 24.4 Percent!

Housing Sales to Foreigners Increased by 24.4 Percent!

Housing sales to foreigners – According to the latest figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, foreign home sales, rose 24.4 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. In the January-November period, it decreased by 9.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 36,385.

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Housing Sales to Foreigners Reached Record Level

After the Pandemic affecting the whole world, Greece lost 80 percent, Spain and Portugal up to 50 percent in international house sales. We have survived the year with a loss of only 10 percent in Turkey, the most important indicator that we decompose positively compared to our competitors in the international arena.

How will the real estate industry spend 2021?

In Turkey; In June, the mortgage loan interest rate cut was launched, which especially stimulated properties of up to 5 million. Houses with a figure range of 4.5 million to 5 million went on sale very quickly. We can explain the reason as the pandemic now sets a new standard of living. People no longer want to be in the city center and in the crowd.

Property and real estate investments in Turkey

They want to live far from the city, in villas with large gardens and large square meters houses. People who want 2 + 1 housing started to want 3 + 1, people who want to 3 + 1 housing started to want 4 + 1 house because we started to work from our home. Demand for summer regions such as the Aegean and the Mediterranean has increased too much.

In those regions, transactions were also carried out on the rental and sales side of the villa style. However, there is a relative slowdown as of November due to the increase in interest rates.

Housing sales to foreigners – The experts, who stated that the loyalty to the family has increased with the pandemic, said, “Demand for large plots and fields outside the city increased, on these lands properties for 5-6 villas were wanted to be built. As 2021 will be a year when Covid-19 will continue, we think such purchases will increase”.

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