How can a Foreigner Buy Property in Turkey?

How can a Foreigner Buy Property in Turkey?

Foreigners can buy a property in Turkey if they meet the conditions. Foreigners are not required to have a residence permit to buy real estate in Turkey. The article contains the following statements:

“Foreigners provided that they comply with the restriction in Turkey can acquire immovable property and limited real rights. The total area of ​​the immovable properties and limited real rights with independent and permanent acquired by foreigners cannot exceed ten percent of the area of ​​the district where the private property is located and thirty hectares per person throughout the country.”

What are the things that need to know foreigners who want to buy a house in Turkey?

First, foreigners who want to buy a property in Turkey should obtain the following information:

• Which country nationals can buy property in Turkey? This should be learned.
• It must be confirmed that the house to be purchased is not within the military security zone.

What are the procedures that foreigners should apply when they are buying a house?

Foreigners who want to buy a property in Turkey must first get an appointment to carry out the deed transfer. Online appointments can be made through the Deed Appointment System. The documents required to sell real estate to foreigners are as follows:

• Real estate deed
• Identity card or passport (and its translation if it is necessary)
• Current market rate document obtained from the municipality
• Compulsory earthquake insurance policy
• Real estate appraisal report valid for 3 months

Besides, a real estate survey report is also required. The appraisal report indicating the value of the property in the period to be purchased must be recorded in the online Land Registry and Cadastre information system of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. If the transaction is to be made with a warrant of attorney, the original and certified copy of the warrant of attorney issued abroad is required. If one of the counterparties does not speak Turkish, the transactions must be made with a certified translator.

Things that foreigners should pay attention to when they are buying a house;

• It should be learned whether the house has an obstacle to sales such as mortgage or foreclosure.
• It should be worked with an intermediary firm whose reliability is sure.
• If there is a disagreement between the parties, it should be sued in the courts of the Republic of Turkey.
• Making a sales contract before a notary public is not sufficient for sales. Official transactions must be carried out in the land registry offices.
• The title deed fee to be paid is paid by the buyer and the real estate owner.

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