How Can Sell Your Property in Turkey Profitably After the Investment The Best Methods

sell your property in turkey

Sell your property in Turkey – Selling a house is really a very risky business. Imagine that you have invested your earnings, which you have worked for years and increased from tooth to nail, in beautiful real estate. One day you decided to sell. Many question marks will gnaw at your mind while selling it forever. You do not want to lose an investment of years after an unprofessional act. So how can you sell your home quickly and profitably?

One of the most difficult processes, especially for foreign investors, is to sell your house. Sometimes it takes a long time to sell your real estate, which is your most valuable asset for you. So what should you do to shorten this period and sell your house to the value you want? In order to be able to sell your house, first of all, you need to evaluate your house correctly.

For this, the values ​​of the houses with the same features in the neighborhood where your real estate is located should be well researched. We recommend that you work with Realista Turkey’s professionals to make a correct home valuation.

Sell your property in Turkey – One of the points that buyers often complain about is the difference between the house they see in the digital world and the house they see while traveling in person. To prevent this, all you have to do is enrich your home advertisement with visuals and, if possible, videos.

Professional high resolution, quality photo shooting, 3D shooting, and home video preparation are very important to describe the house in the most accurate way. Having 3D footage of your home allows potential buyers to navigate your home more comfortably over the internet. Thus, he decides whether he will take care of your home or not, and saves you from the trouble of walking around the house, and saves you a lot of time.

Only people who are interested in watching a 3D video of your home come to visit your house personally, and this saves both you and the buyer from a huge waste of time. A thousand people visit a house and a person can buy it. If you do not want to sell your house quickly, but do not want to show you around dozens of interested people, we recommend that you prepare a virtual tour of your home.

Sell your property in Turkey – It is not enough today to post ads for sale in the places where your home is located, to inform the environment, the apartment clerk that your house is for sale, to advertise to the local real estate agent of the neighborhood that only passersby can see, to sell a house worth it. It’s the age of the internet.

It is possible to reach more buyers by using digital technologies and networks. You can sell your house faster by reaching 10 times more people than conventional methods.

Get support from professional real estate consultants for a safe and fast home sales process. Getting support from professionals during the agreement and title deed process will contribute to both your time and a safer sales process. Thus, you will not have a headache during and after the sales process.

Sell your property in Turkey – Put in order all legal documents

Especially working people’s time is limited and very valuable. Employees are among the best buyer candidates due to both their income levels and their ability to make quick decisions. Use this situation to your advantage, follow the timelines of prospective buyers who show an interest in your property, and show the house right away. The positive feelings of the buyer candidates during the visit to the real estate will put you one step ahead in sales.

Research on the average price of neighborhoods and be realistic

Sell your property in Turkey – One of the things to do to sell a house is to determine your target audience. Plan how you will reach them and how you will affect them, taking into account your target audience, who can buy your home. Do not miss potential buyers because of the era of visuality, bad visuals, have a professional photoshoot. You can also benefit from low-cost but high-impact guerrilla marketing efforts. The decline in property sales throughout Turkey increased the value of foreign buyers. Deploy resources that can direct all prospective buyers to you.

Sell your property in Turkey – Your property must look clean and don’t be messy

How do you intend to price your home? When you buy it, do you intend to ask for the price in foreign currency? Or is it by putting the inflation cost of the past years on top of the Turkish lira cost? Or are you planning to double your purchase price because someone you know sold the properties & real estate that he bought at a similar time doubled last month?

Sell your property in Turkey – All of these methods guide you, but they can be misleading in setting the right price. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes; You have more than one option to meet your needs and wishes, and among them, you put the most cost-effective one first. In this case, we need to start from the needs and wishes of the buyer and the alternatives of your property.

You can also contact the Realista team for investment options and Turkey Real Estate Prices for suitable for your needs and wishes, and you can get a roadmap suitable for your planning.

Repair and fix damaged goods

One of the subtleties of selling a home is to attract the right buyers and make the home look attractive. In order to use your advertising and promotion budget efficiently, it is very important to determine your target audience correctly. Who is the potential buyer of your property? For example, the buyer candidates of 1 + 1 flats and 3 + 1 flats in the same site are very different.

Sell your property in Turkey – Single professionals working in workplaces close to the region, students studying at a nearby university may aspire to a clean 1 + 1 flat, whereas you will find that families with children demand 3 + 1 flats.

Take fabulous photos

First of all, you should decide whether you will sell your house yourself or through a real estate agent. With the developing technology, you can now sell your house yourself, quickly and profitably. Many national or local websites can help you with their simple and user-friendly interfaces. After all, many people now have the internet in their homes.

Sell your property in Turkey – A real estate advertisement on a website of your choice will introduce you to larger target audiences. You can even get one step ahead of your competitors with paid changes and quality images in your advertisement. This will also give you speed. Another method is to sell a house through a real estate agent. With this method, you commit to the commission, but it is a very effective way. However, we recommend that you work with reliable and competent real estate agents for this.

Both the portfolio of professional real estate agents is very wide and their previous references are very solid. The next step will be to determine the true value of your home. For this, we recommend that you work with real estate appraisers. Because these experts have enough knowledge about many criteria that will determine the value of your home. In this way, you will have a planned and fast house sale.

Find a reliable and experienced agent

Sell your property in Turkey – Unfortunately, there are also consultants who are not professional in the real estate sector and who tire both buyers and sellers. Therefore, many real estate owners prefer to act on their own while selling their homes. This can cause disruptions and problems in the process. The way to prevent this situation is to prefer a new generation, correct and professional consultants.

Realista Turkey is with you in your home sales and rental processes. At Realista, the reward of the consultant serving the landlord throughout the home sales process depends on the satisfaction of the landlord, not on the sale of the house, so the consultants try to provide the homeowners with the best service.

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