How is the Covid-19 Treatment of Foreigners Administered?

How is the Covid-19 Treatment of Foreigners Administered?

Covid-19 Treatment – Foreigners who come within the scope of tourism and business travel to Turkey or foreigners who have a residence permit can take advantage of public and private provision of health services if they provide certain conditions within the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid treatments for foreigners

Foreigners who are located in Turkey for trade or tourism purposes, can apply to universities or private health institutions and benefit from health service if they are down with the Covid-19. Health services and treatments provided within the scope of the pandemic are considered emergency interventions. Service fee is collected from foreign patients after emergency intervention and care.

What is the importance of health insurance for foreigners in the treatment of Covid-19?

Foreigners who have any type of residence permit in Turkey will cover the period that they will spend in the country must have health insurance. Otherwise, it is not possible to acquire a residence permit for foreigners. Besides, if the health insurance of people with a residence permit expires, their residence permit is canceled. Foreigners can also make general health insurance as they can get private health insurance while they are in Turkey. Foreigners must fulfill certain conditions to have general health insurance.

Covid-19 treatment

Foreigners when they have universal health insurance in Turkey, only a few can receive health services and medicines, including treatments for the virus during coronavirus pandemic cases.

Another point that should be taken into consideration is that foreigners who have a student residence permit should not miss the 3-month time limit to apply for the General Health Insurance. If an application is made within this period will be valid for the duration of their education in Turkey and general health insurance provisions are implemented.

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