How to get Turkish Citizenship? Get Turkish Citizenship

How to get Turkish Citizenship?

What are the conditions for Turkish citizenship? What documents are required for Turkish citizenship? Where can we apply for Turkish citizenship? How long will Turkish citizenship applications be finalized? We would like to summarize all the questions you may think of for you.

How to get Turkish Citizenship?

The question of how to get Turkish citizenship is frequently asked by foreign nationals.

First foreigners must fulfil the conditions for completing the legal time living in Turkey for Turkish citizenship. Later, they should apply to the provincial Population Directorates of the province where they reside by their legal representative or themselves. Finally, it can be obtained with the approval of the application according to the evaluations of the competent authorities.

Turkish citizenship applications should be made by leading expert consultants and the steps to be taken should be carefully planned. As Realista Turkey; we provide full-time consultancy services for those who want to become Turkish citizens through investment through our experts and lawyers and we follow your citizenship processes within your power of attorney.

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You can become a Turkish citizen through investment

One of the details we summarized in our article titled Turkish citizenship by investment is how you can become a Turkish citizen with an investment. It is possible to become a Turkish citizen within 2 to 3 months by purchasing real estate for 250 thousand dollars.

What are the conditions for getting of Turkish Citizenship through marriage?

Foreigners who do not have any disadvantages in terms of national security and public order; Must have been residing with a Turkish citizen officially and with a family residence permit for at least 3 years, and continue to live in family unity.

What are the Conditions of Being a Turkish Citizen by Investment?

You can take the first step by purchasing a real estate worth at least $ 250,000 provided that you do not sell it for 3 years, or by depositing a deposit of $ 500,000 in the bank provided that you do not withdraw for 3 years.

Purchasing real estate investment funds and government debt instruments worth 500.000 dollars on condition of keeping them for 3 years and legally employing at least 50 Turkish citizens are among the conditions for the exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

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