How to Protect Your Home from Earthquake Damage

What can we do to protect from earthquakes

Earthquake Damage – There are things we can do gradually so that the earthquake, which is a natural disaster, does not turn into a disaster for us and our loved ones. Some of these require simple measures in our homes and even in our consciousness. Some also require considering it and acting with experts. We have listed a few of what we can do before, during, and after the earthquake.

Is your building earthquake-resistant?

Is your building earthquake-resistant? You should ask this question seriously and get the answer with the tests you will have experts have done. If deemed necessary in the measurement results, residents of the apartment should be informed. You should act as soon as possible for engineering studies that will increase the durability of the building.

Earthquake Damage

Objects can pose a risk during the quake

The location of the furniture in that house is as important as the house you live in. You should review once again the details that may pose a danger by tipping over during the shake or endanger your safety due to falling items. You should not neglect to take the precautions of items that need to be fixed to the wall, cabinets that need to be kept under lock and furniture that will prevent you from moving during an earthquake.

first aid kit

Have you prepared your earthquake emergency kit?

Water that can be enough for a few days, non-perishable food such as canned food or biscuits, flashlight, and spare batteries, first aid kit, medicines, blankets, sleeping bags and tents, a few basic clothes, a notebook with the important phone-numbers, pens, wet wipes for disinfection, paper towels and bags, multi-purpose pocket knives should be in your earthquake emergency kit. You should not forget that this bag, which should be kept ready before encountering an earthquake, is indispensable.

Earthquake Damage

Don’t panic during an earthquake

When faced with an earthquake, it is vital not to panic and to act calmly against possible siren or alarm sounds. The first step should be to move to the most sheltered place determined beforehand when the jolt is felt. You should sit next to items such as armchairs, under the table supported by chairs, pull your knees to your chest, protect your head with one hand and hold it with the other. This position is called the “Triangle of Life”

Earthquake Position

Earthquake Damage – Keep in mind the areas to avoid

Glass edges inside or outside, balconies and stairs against the risk of collapse are places that should be avoided. You should not stand next to white appliances, under beams, door sills, and columns as they tend to crush. It is also frequently stated by experts that the places where the tiles are dense should be avoided.

Is your building earthquake-resistant

What can we do after an earthquake?

After making sure that the shaking is over, you should quickly and calmly turn off the electricity, natural gas, and water installation and leave the building by taking the earthquake emergency kit you have prepared beforehand. After the earthquake, you should definitely not use the elevator in case of a power cut and the danger of being stuck.

Objects can pose a risk during the quake

We must also be prepared against earthquake aftershocks

Earthquake Damage – If you know that the building you live in is damaged or poses a risk even if it is not damaged, you should stay outside until the aftershocks cease. You should choose to stay in another place. We must understand the importance of staying calm at every stage of this natural disaster and listen to scientists; explanations, not to rumors that can create an atmosphere of panic.

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