Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Land

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Land

Buying Land in Turkey – If you want to make a profit in the long term from real estate investment, if you do not expect an income in a short time and are looking for an investment with high risk and high return, a land investment may be suitable for you. But you should carefully research the land investment.

We have summarized the things to be considered while investing in land for you. If you do not need to earn income in the short term, if you want to make a profit in the long term such as 15-20 years, the land investment will be suitable for you. Especially in newly developing regions are more suitable for land investment.

Factors affecting the land price;

  • The total size of land share and ownership structure,
  • The location, environmental development, transportation facilities of the land,
  • The development potential of the region where the land is located,
  • Features of the land such as shape, size, topography, ground condition,
  • Zoning status,
  • Zoning plans in the area where the land is located,
  • Whether there are land constraints,

Buying Land in Turkey – It is possible to mention about three basic phases in land investment; Determining and purchasing the right area, keeping the land until the best time for sale, and making the sale.

It is necessary to do careful research while investing in the land;

  • Before buying a plot, you should definitely see its location and examine its surroundings and ground.
  • You should investigate the zoning status of the land you want to buy,
  • The parcel is the same as the plot shown to you,
  • You should check the zoning plan of the land and find out whether the relevant municipality is ready for zoning in an undeveloped parcel,
  • You should go to the Land Registry Directorate to which the land is affiliated and check whether any restrictions will limit the property rights.
  • You should check whether there is real estate tax debt from the municipality for the past years.

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