Istanbul New Airport Transportation Guide

Istanbul Airport, which opened to service on October 29, 2018 and is shown as one of the largest airports in the world; Turkey’s metropolis of Istanbul’s third airport that brings feature. The Istanbul New Airport is accessible via a total of seven gates, 1 and 2 for domestic flights, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 for international flights. If you are flying with Turkish Airlines, you should use entries 3, 4 or 5. Check-in areas of all other international airlines can be reached through gates 6 and 7.

Where is New Istanbul Airport?

The average distance from Istanbul New Airport to the central areas of the city is about 50 km. Avcılar is 53 km, Gayrettepe 38 km, Taksim 40 km, Sultanahmet 49 km, Levent 36 km, Maslak 35 km, Kavacık 42 km, Üsküdar 47 km, Kadıköy 52 km, and Pendik 73 km. It takes about 100 minutes to go to the city center. You can reach the airport or from the airport to the city center by public buses served by IETT, Havaist shuttle buses, taxi or private services.

Istanbul New Airport Shuttle Services

Havaist shuttle services are the most comfortable way to travel between the airport and city center. There is no direct metro line between Istanbul New Airport and the city center. However, the construction of a new metro line (M11 from Gayrettepe) for the airport is underway and is announced to be completed in Autumn 2020.

To go to Istanbul New Airport from the city center; We recommend that you plan at least 1.5 hours for domestic flights and 2.5 hours for international flights. An average of 1.5 hours + 30 minutes of possible traffic etc. Regarding the minimum transfer time for situations, you should make your transfer from the city center to Istanbul New Airport at least 3.5 to 4 hours before your flight.

How to get to Istanbul New Airport?

There are various transportation options such as private public buses, taxis, car rentals or private services to get to the Istanbul New Airport from the city center and from the airport to the city center. There is not yet a metro line for the airport.

IETT (Municipality Buses) and Havaist (Istanbul Bus Inc.) private luxury buses serve between many districts of Istanbul and Istanbul New Airport. A total of 150 buses are available between Istanbul New Airport and the European and Asian sides of Istanbul every day. As you can see from the information below, there are 8 IETT and 12 Havaist routes. Depending on your destination, travel time varies from 30 to 90 minutes.

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