7 Useful Tips And Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home

In order for the moving process to proceed in a planned manner and the order previously held continues, some adjustments need to be made before moving home. Things to do before moving to a new home can provide comfort and safety.

Replace All Locks

It is useful to change the keys of the house before moving. To ensure the safety of your home, you can check if the video intercom is working, if any. If the apartment has an open parking lot, you can also obtain a parking control. In this way, you will not have a problem in the car company entering the car park on the day you move.

Check the Status of the Installation

You can check for leaks or defects in the installation of the new house. Repairing plumbing failures before moving ensures that your house is not contaminated. In addition, you can cancel your subscriptions of your old home such as electricity, water, natural gas and start your new subscriptions. Thus, after leaving your old house, you ensure that you do not receive an invoice that does not belong to you.

Set Floor Plan

Deciding on the room layout before the day of departure can make your settlement process easier. Enter when the house is empty, plan which item to put and where to put it in a list. This planning can also make your home painting decision easier.

After determining the rooms where you will place your furniture, you can determine the paint color by considering the harmony of the furniture and the wall color. If you are going to paint your house, it is useful to do this at least 2 weeks before moving. The smell of paint created in the house can be alleviated during this time and you can find time to change the wall color if you do not like it.

Report Address Change

Report your address shortly before moving, so that your bills and newspaper and magazine subscriptions will arrive at your new address. Notify your bank of the change of address. It is a legal obligation to report the change of address to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. According to the 50th article of the Population Services Law No. 5460, it is necessary to make an address change notification within 20 days. E-government is turkiye.gov.tr also known as Change of Address Notification page as possible from online to perform this operation.

Prepare a Box for Your Priority Needs

You may not be able to immediately access the items you need on the day you move home. On the first day, you can prepare a carton for basic needs such as pajamas, towels, toilet paper. You can put this box out of the boxes you have prepared to move to the new house, in a place where you can reach it more easily.

Set Up People to Get Help

On the day of the move, you can determine in advance who will take care of your child or pet. This step ensures that your child does not get bored while moving to the new house and that you can manage the move more easily. Make sure that your pet’s routines such as walking and feeding do not interfere. Keep these items in an easily accessible place.

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