What is The Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey Istanbul?

Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey

What is The Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey Istanbul?

Those who are considering buying a house here might be thinking about the pros and cons of living in Turkey (Turkey pros and cons). In this article, we will be focusing on some of them for you to understand Turkey’s pros and cons.

Pros and cons of Turkey – Hosting thousands of historical and cultural monuments that are protected for being UNESCO Heritages, every inch of Turkey is redolent of history and culture. It is surrounded by historical sites and significant relics from Mount Nemrut in the eastern part to the Ephesus in the west. By the way, you do not have to be a professional climber to climb Mount Nemrut! When you reach the summit, you will see three different countries in sight. 

Turkey allows the resident to enjoy all four seasons, and the natural beauties in the country are world-renowned. You can swim in the vast blue sea that surrounds the country on three sides, do water sports, ski-in many mountains, try rafting and many other extreme sports. You will feel like you are in heaven in Turkey, a country with numerous attraction sites that can mesmerize you only with their views! But like in any other country, there are pros and cons of living in Turkey.

Pros and cons of Turkey – This old land has hosted many deep-seated civilizations, resembling a mosaic of cultures. People are understanding and respectful towards each other in Turkey where you might possibly meet someone who speaks your language or find your roots. It is an ideal location for everyone thanks to its safe and peaceful environment. But what are the pros and cons of living in Turkey?

Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey

Turkey Pros and Cons: High-quality Education Advantages

Let us evaluate the subject of pros and cons of living in Turkey by starting with a con. There are hundreds of universities in Turkey that have a population of 82 million. The diploma you earned in the universities in Turkey is recognized in all the European countries.

Pros and cons of Turkey – Additionally, Turkey is among the most successful countries in terms of the Erasmus Program. There are also many exchange programs such as Mevlana and Farabi. The student population in Turkey is near 8 million, making the country the one with the highest student numbers in Europe. There are approximately 60,000 different programs in 207 universities. Many of them offer a fully English education, but you can learn Turkish, as well, which is the fifth most widely spoken language. 

Almost all of the cities have at least one university located within them, therefore it is a totally student-friendly country. As the students hang out in the cafes, restaurants, and libraries, these cities offer 24-hour cities. You can stay in the dorms that are located either within the university campuses or near them, or you can rent a house for reasonable prices.

Additionally, no matter which transportation vehicle you choose, you will benefit from reduced prices, or you will pay a lower price for a movie ticket. When it comes to the pros and cons of Turkey, what can be more advantageous than providing your children with a good education!

Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey

Turkey Pros and Cons: Social Life Advantages and Hospitality of Turkish People 

Pros and cons of Turkey – The hospitality of Turkish people resounded on the lips of everyone who visited the country. They will help you and do everything they can do when you ask for a helping hand as a foreigner. They will host you in the best way possible and serve for you to stay content. There is no doubt that you will not feel homesick even slightly in this country! Pros and cons of living in Turkey might vary, but a lively social life is definitely a pro!

Friendships in Turkey may exceed relationships with relatives in terms of closeness and deep bonds. If you are planning to live in Turkey, not only will you achieve high living standards but also lifelong friendships that make you feel safe and peaceful. 

Turkish people approach foreigners with interest and curiosity. They don’t hesitate to communicate with new people, building strong bonds in no time.

Pros and cons of Turkey – Loud conversations and laughs don’t mean a flaming argument but excited friends. Additionally, when you see friends performing physical touch such as hugging or kissing, don’t find it odd as it is a sign of a problem-free relationship. Turkey is a secular country, but people attach great attention to religious holidays. If you’re thinking about the pros and cons of living in Turkey, make sure you add “lots of friends” as a pro on the list.

Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey

Turkey Pros and Cons: Diversity of Restaurants and Food 

Daily life in Turkish society is shaped around long and fun dinners. Friends and families mostly choose to have breakfast and dinner together, and the kitchen is almost like the center of life. Particularly after dinners where guests are hosted, the householders don’t clear the table in a hurry. They have long chats at the tables and even listen to music and have fun until late hours.

Cooking at home is highly common. You can buy fresh ingredients in groceries, supermarkets, or bazaars. 

Pros and cons of Turkey – Even though home-cooked meals are common, there are many options when you eat outside, too, which is a pro on the list of pros and cons of living in Turkey. You will have a feast every time you go out for dinner. When you order a dish at a restaurant, they serve complimentary snacks and side dishes. Don’t forget: the complimentary food and the water served in the pitcher are free, while bottled water is not!

Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey

Turkey Pros and Cons: Investment Opportunities for Real Estate

For those who are researching the pros and cons of living in Turkey, the first pro is most likely to be real estate. Every year, many investments are brought into life particularly in big cities and the Mediterranean region. Your new neighbors might be Turkish people who want to invest in a profitable real estate property or foreigners that wish to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. Also, you can examine buy property in Turkey procedures.

There are many residential complexes and sites designed with modern and elegant architecture. Most of them are decorated luxuriously and by taking your needs into consideration. In these detached houses and sites, many amenities are offered such as nurseries, VIP services, smart home systems, sports centers, saunas, and sports areas. 

Pros and cons of Turkey – On the other hand, if you are not familiar with the details of the residential projects that are advertised as “offering attractive prices”, you can find yourself getting away from the city and its amenities. That’s why it is highly important to work with professional and expert real estate companies. 

Turkey Pros and Cons: The Difficulties of Turkish Language

If you’re looking for an answer to your question on the pros and cons of living in Turkey, here is the bad news. According to research made in the USA, Turkish is among the most difficult languages to learn. Because it is a head-final language, the words change too often when you attach a suffix to them, and the number of these suffixes might be more than sixteen in only one word! But this shouldn’t stop you from trying as Turkish people are very eager to help you when you learn the language, and there are numerous expert teachers that can do wonders. 

Turkey Pros and Cons: Traffic Jams

Pros and cons of Turkey – Pros and cons of living in Turkey state a con: traffic jams. Although the transportation infrastructure is being developed every day, the traffic jam is still a problem that the residents are having trouble with. If you own a private vehicle, you might end up waiting for hours in long lines. However, public transportation is another option for you to arrive at your destination in no time, and it is surely more environmentally friendly! 

What is The Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey Istanbul?

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