Questions We’re Asked About Moving to Turkey With Children

Questions We're Asked About Moving to Turkey With Children

Questions We’re Asked About Moving to Turkey With Children

When one is about to move out to a new city or a new home, there are many things they need to consider. People moving to Turkey with children, too, need to think about certain things. 

The parents are busy with all the burdens the moving out process brings, while children might start to feel sadness and anxiety besides excitement because leaving a place causes uncertainty. That’s why moving to Turkey with children may be hard to handle for kids, as they feel safe only when there is a routine, order, and consistency in their lives. We’d like to shortly talk about the things you should consider before moving to Turkey with children for your kids to go through the moving out process healthily. 

  • Inform your kids when you are considering moving to Turkey with children.
  • Keep your children involved in the process.
  • The more involved they are, the more they feel like they have control over the situation.
  • Share your feelings with them, even if they are negative. 
  • Buy them books about moving out.
  • Arrange a goodbye party or a welcome party. 
  • Ensure that you don’t move out when they are being potty trained or starting school, or when you are having a new baby. 
  • Explore the new neighborhood, street, and parks around with them.
  • If they start to show babyish behavior, wet their pants, feel anxious and fearful, and show symptoms of insomnia, consider consulting an expert. 

Is Turkey Safe?

Turkey ranks seventh among 164 countries in the list of best places to work and live.

Turkish Directorate of Communications announced the results of the Expat Explorer, a survey conducted by HSBC on more than 18,000 foreigners.

According to the survey, 62% of the foreigners working in Turkey stated that the quality of living in Turkey is much higher than in their own countries.

69% of the expats said that they feel safe in Turkey and Turkish people are being friendly towards them, while 60% of the expats are content with the work and life balance here. 

Turkey also ranks 37th and exceeds European countries like France, Italy, Spain, and the UK in the list of safest countries during the pandemic, while the USA, a country criticized for taking measures last, ranks 58th. 

International Schools in Turkey

For students who are planning to receive education in Turkey and parents moving to Turkey with children, the best options are the international schools in Turkey. 

Private schools providing education with a globally acknowledged syllabus offer students a chance to keep up with the international standards.

International schools in Turkey give education in many foreign languages besides English, providing students with every opportunity to achieve their career goals. Particularly French and German are beneficial while other options like Italian and Arabian are also offered. Foreigners moving to Turkey with children mostly enroll their kids in schools with foreign language education.

About Local Schools

Turkish students receive a convenient and comprehensive education in local schools, too. Due to the syllabus integrity, the learning process progresses easily and smoothly. Languages taught in schools other than English bring many advantages for children to have a successful career in the future. Parents moving to Turkey with children also consider local schools before making a decision. 

Making Friends and Being Part of the Community

Foreigners moving to Turkey with children may face problems regarding their own social life, too. If you don’t have a hobby you spend your leisure time on, remember what you used to like when you were a kid. Maybe it was knitting or crafting model airplanes. Enroll in courses. You will gain skills in a hobby you like and meet many people with a similar mindset. 

Dog lovers walk out their dogs every evening in certain places. Don’t hesitate to join them. People will pet your animal and invite you to their conversation. Additionally, there is no doubt that you will come across a friend you can have a chit-chat within those places. 

Turkish people are friendly. Don’t shy away from greeting them or talking to them. Even if you can’t speak Turkish well, they will try to help you with pleasure. 

Turkish Language Barrier

Turkish is spoken in a wider area in the world than people think. For example, millions of people speak Turkish as a first or second language in European countries or in vast geography in Central Asia. 

If you are a foreigner moving to Turkey with children, attach importance on your own education, too. Learning Turkish is not only a requirement for living in Turkey but also an advantage for your future. Additionally, whatever language it is you are receiving education in, speaking even a little bit of Turkish will make your life easier. 

You can apply to Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Centers (TÖMER) in many universities after you came to Turkey. You can opt for language classes in different levels in TÖMER, whether it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

What About Healthcare?

Turkey offers high-quality healthcare services to all citizens. Turkish law stipulates that “Everyone has the right to social security,” guaranteeing that the Turkish Republic provides each citizen with accessible medical services. Both state and private healthcare are affordable and accessible. 

The high-quality services and warm climate in Turkey, as well as its location accessible by a 4-hour flight for 1.5 billion people in three continents, make the country distinguishable in terms of medical services. 

Another reason why Turkey is renowned for quality healthcare is the expert and experienced doctors working here. The smartest and most successful students in Turkey usually opt for medical schools due to the general mindset and education system. On the other hand, because of the population density and structure, doctors see a wider variety of cases in their specialty fields than in many developed countries. 

To Rent or Buy Property

Real estate investment requires being a good researcher. Whatever real estate type you invest in, you need to prioritize locations with a bright future, as they will keep earning you income.

It is important you learn about how the property sales and rental prices change over time in the area of your choice. You can easily access all the information of Turkey Real Estate Prices and details you need from the expert sales team of Realista Turkey.

Residency Permits and Citizenship

Foreigners who have bought a property worth $250,000 can acquire Turkish citizenship without waiting. Stipulating that they won’t sell the property for the first three years is sufficient to apply for citizenship. The spouse and children under 18 of the foreign investor can also benefit from the citizenship right. 

Foreigners visiting Turkey can stay here for up to 90 days. However, if you wish to stay here longer, you need to obtain a residence permit in line with your staying purposes. 

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