Sancaktepe – Best Districts of Istanbul

Sancaktepe – Best Districts of Istanbul

Today’s Sancaktepe region was conquered by the Turkish people with the conquest of Samandıra by Orhan Ghazi in 1328. The two main elements that makeup Sancaktepe are Samandıra and Sarıgazi. Sancaktepe has been in the foreground with its recreation area and summer palaces since the early ages.

About Sancaktepe

It is made within one district boundaries of Turkey’s and Europe’s largest city hospitals. The connection roads of the 3rd bridge pass through Sancaktepe. Metro lines are spreading. Similar features draw the attention of investors. Sancaktepe is one of Istanbul’s major towns with 436 047 inhabitants according to the 2019 data of the Turkey Statistical Institute. The district, which has an area of 62.41 square kilometers, has a population of 414.143 and there are 19 neighborhoods in total.

Sancaktepe’s oldest historic structure is Damatris Summer Palace that was built by I. Tiberius Konstantinos (578–582) and Mavrikos (582–602) in Byzantine Age.

Real Estate Investment in Sancaktepe

Sancaktepe; is adjacent to Kadıköy, Maltepe, Ataşehir and Kartal districts. The town is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In Sancaktepe which is one of the major districts of Istanbul, it is seen that the interest in branded projects especially in parts close to transportation points has increased. The region, which is also highly preferred by investors, continues to make a gain.

Latest Sancaktepe News

This district’s proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport may be the main reason for the interest in this region. The district can be reached easily thanks to the TEM highway and TEM – Kartal connection road. Housing prices increased by 3.02% in the last year in the Sancaktepe housing market for sale. The average depreciation time in the Sancaktepe district is 21 years. As of the end of 2020, the most valuable neighborhoods in Sancaktepe district for housing were Akpınar, Eyüp Sultan, Veysel Karani, Hilal, and Yenidoğan. The average for sale residential property size is 115 square meters.

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