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money used in turkey

Topics about the money used in turkey, how much cash can I take into turkey, and taking cash to turkey. – There are also important tourist destinations in the list of countries where the Turkish lira is valuable. Among these countries, Thailand or Hungary in Europe is the first ones that come to mind.

While Thailand attracts travelers with its natural beauty, Hungary is among the countries with preserved architecture. Serbia, Ukraine, and Moldova, which do not require visas from Turkish citizens, are among the countries where the currency is lower than the Turkish lira and is very economical!

Question: “What is the money used in turkey?” “The money used in Turkiye is Lira.”

Although it is located in the European continent, Ukraine is one of the countries where we can go without our identity card, visa, and passport. In 2020, 1 Turkish lira is equal to 3.9 Ukrainian hryvnias.

How much cash can I take into Turkey? – You can easily exchange your money for money used in Turkey. – Ukraine, where it is also possible to find cheap flight tickets, is among the countries you should definitely see with its fun nightlife, historical beauties, historical artifacts that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and unique drinks. It is beneficial for those who want to become Turkish citizens to consider these data.

Money used in Turkey. The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira (TL), with one Turkish lira divided into 100 kurus.

On the other hand, while the number of people using blockchain technology defined as “the future of the world economy” in Turkey exceeds hundreds of thousands, the number of companies aiming to make Turkey a “center of attraction” for the Middle East and Gulf countries in this field is also increasing.

Fully digital and encrypted virtual currencies that can be used in barter transactions are called ‘crypto money’ or ‘digital money. Bitcoin, the first of the digital currencies, was developed by the person or persons who came up with the code name Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2009.

The technology that enables Bitcoin and all other digital currencies to be produced, stored, and transferred from person to person, while preventing all these transactions from being controlled by a central authority, is called a blockchain.

What money currency is used in Turkey?

What is the money used in Turkey called? – The Turkish lira (TL; symbol: ₺; code: TRY), the sub-unit of which is kurus, is the currency used officially in the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and informally in regions controlled by the Syrian Provisional Government.

Unit of money used in Turkey. – In order to increase the global credibility of the Turkish lira and to put an end to various confusion, six zeros were removed from the currency, the Turkish lira was temporarily suspended on January 31, 2005, and the New Turkish lira (₺) began to be used instead.

How many types of money are used as notes and coins?

What is the standard unit of money used in Turkey with the dollar and euro? – Metal coins produced in a mixture of copper, nickel, and zinc enter the printing machines. As a result of processing the stamps on the machines, 1 lira, 50 kuruş, 25 kuruş, 10 kuruş, 5 kuruş and 1 kuruş are produced.

The money used in Turkey is Lira; therefore Lira would be preferred of course. But, if you are in a shop or in a hotel, using Euro or USD won’t be a problem.

Coins can be recycled and used as gold and silver. However, since they are not as durable as gold, the number of recycling can be limited. The counterfeit of the coin is very easy to understand. The coins sticking to the magnet are fake.

Taking cash to Turkey – They can be changed when you take the paper money to the Central Bank, worn-out. Because the most basic institution is the Central Bank. It is the same for other coins. Gold is not losing value anyway. It is turned back into bullion and then printed again as money. All other coins are reused like gold, but not as recyclable as gold.

Which foreign currencies are acceptable currently by Turkey?

The concept of exchange rate refers to the coefficient that determines the value of a country’s currency against other countries’ currencies. To give a simple example, the term Dollar Rate is used to express the value of TL against the dollar. Assuming that $ 1 is $ 8.16 as of April 12, 2021, the dollar rate will be 8.16.

While the exchange rate calculation is done in this way, the transactions are carried out in two ways, namely buying and selling. The price applied to the purchase of foreign currencies is called the buying rate, and the price applied to the sale is called the selling rate.

The prominent factors affecting exchange rates; The economic situation of the countries can be counted as political developments and the policies carried out by the central banks. Like every good that can be bought and sold, the prices of currencies in the market are determined according to supply and demand. Therefore, if the foreign currency is high in a country, the exchange rate will be low and low if it is high. On the other hand, you can learn most of the things about properties & real estate in Turkey.

Investors basically follow the exchange rates and aim to profit from the differences between these exchange rates. In other words, it is possible to make a short or long-term profit by buying a currency that will increase in value against the currency of your country and by selling this currency when it is valued.

How much money taking cash to Turkey? Is there any limit?

If you have 10 thousand Euros or more cash with you while passing through customs, make sure to make a written declaration. For the declaration, ask for a ‘cash declaration form’ as soon as you arrive at the customs control of the country of passage. You must complete a separate declaration form at each country’s customs you pass through.

Taking cash to Turkey –  Note that all money not declared in customs can be confiscated. There are a lot of grievances due to not making a declaration. No tax or duty is charged on the declared cash. It is forbidden to carry foreign currency above 9.999 Euros or equivalent in EU countries and countries on the route of Turkey without declaring Payment instruments such as checks and promissory notes are also counted as cash.

There is no penalty for the cash of 10,000 Euros or more declared while crossing the borders of the country, and there is no charge or tax.

What kind of Credit Cards are accepted in Turkey?

A credit card is a loan tool given by banks to consumers within certain limits. With this product, which the bank offers you like a loan within a certain limit, you can shop through a POS device at workplaces that have an agreement with the bank. The most important feature is that you can borrow monthly debt to the bank according to the amount of shopping you make with credit cards, which allow you to shop in installments.

Taking cash to Turkey – According to the data of the Interbank Card Center (BKM), a total of 76.2 billion TL card payment was made in May. 63.3 billion TL of this amount was made up of payments made by credit cards, and 12.9 billion TL was made with debit cards.

If you are comfortable just taking cash to Turkey so we advise you do it. If you’re taking cash to Turkey you should be sure to have every possible bit of paperwork that shows it’s legit as well as declaring it.

When taking cash to Turkey or taking your money from a local bank, ensure the huge amount of money is carried in secure, cloth bags, and ask for a receipt.

How can you find easily the cash machines in Turkey?

Taking cash to Turkey – In addition to related banking applications, you can easily access ATMs and bank branches in your city by using the maps feature of your smart devices. İş-Bank, which has the highest number of ATMs in Turkey, ranks first with 3,718 ATMs. There are nearly 10 thousand ATMs in Istanbul alone.

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