The Most Common Reasons for Deportation in Turkey

Deportation in Turkey

Deportation in Turkey – According to the law; if foreigners violate public security and they are contrary to the political requirement, they have to leave Turkey within the time specified. Foreigners, who did not leave the country within the time specified, are deported. The decision to deport informs the person himself/ herself or his/her lawyer. If the person does not have a lawyer, this person is informed about the conditions of appeal against the deportation decision.

Who is deported?

  • People who have been got to imprisonment sentenced for two years or more,
  • Director, member, a supporter of a terrorist organization, or director, member or supporter of a crime organization for profit,
  • Using false information and fake documents in transactions,
  • People who earn their living illegally,
  • People who disturb the peace,
  • People whose visa or visa exemption period exceeds 10 days or people whose visa has been canceled,
  • For people whose residence permits are canceled,
  • People who violate the residence permit for more than 10 days without an acceptable justification after the expiry of the residence permit period,
  • People who are found to work without a work permit,
  • Violators legal entry or exit legal provisions in Turkey,
  • Although there is a ban on entry to Turkey who is determined to come to Turkey
  • People whose international protection application is rejected, excluded, and whose application is considered inadmissible,
  • People whose residence permit application for extension rejected, people who do not exit from Turkey within 10 days,

Deportation in Turkey

The deportation decision is made only when there are serious indications that the applicant or people with international protection status are present as a danger to the security of the country or if they are convicted of a crime that poses a threat to public order.

Who has a prohibition of entry to Turkey?

  • Vagrants and beggars,
  • Disabled with insanity or contagious disease,
  • Convicted of crimes from one side where the Republic of Turkey,
  • People who were deported and not allowed to re-enter,
  • The intention of people who wish to disrupt or impair the safety of the Republic of Turkey, and apparently, they come to help disrupt,
  • People who engage in sexual intercourse for money and make a living by leading women to prostitution, people who engage in white slave traffic, and all kinds of smugglers,

People who do not have enough money to live and go back during their stay are prohibited to enter the country. People who don’t have anybody to guard themselves are prohibited enter Turkey.

Deportation in Turkey – People who cannot prove they aren’t doing one of the things prohibited by law are prohibited enter Turkey.

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