Things to Consider When Making a Rental Contract

Things to Consider When Making a Rental Contract

The rental contract must be made following the legal rules to avoid legal problems in the future while making the rental contract for foreigners. A rental contract is a written document that formalizes the landlords leaving his home for the tenants use and the tenants use of the house by paying the rent. The rental contract is a security measure against problems that may arise between the tenant and the immovable property owner.

Compulsory items to be included in the rental contract

The following information must be included in the rental contract to be made between the foreign tenant and the property owner:

  • Apartment number,
  • The neighbourhood where the house is located,
  • Street where the house is located,
  • Type of the leased property,
  • Owner name and surname,
  • The property owner Tr. identity number,
  • Property owners address,
  • Tenants name and surname,
  • The tenant’s Tr. identity number,
  • Tenant’s address,
  • Start date of the rental contract,
  • Duration of the contract,
  • Monthly rental fee,
  • Annual rental fee,
  • The payment method of the rental fee,
  • Purpose of use of the property,
  • Property status,
  • Delivered fixtures,

You should make sure that the address written in the rental contract is the one you rented. Typing the wrong or different address can cause problems in official applications. You must confirm whether the person with whom you have signed the rental contract is an owner. If he/she is not the owner, you should inquire whether she/he has a legal obligation or legal attorney status.

The contract must include the deposit details

If a deposit is paid while moving into the house, the amount of the deposit, the reason for which it was paid, and in which cases it should be returned should be remarked. You must specify the fixtures of the property you rent. The conditions under which the leased property is rented, the number and details of the fixtures in the building should be added to the contract.

Your contract must include both parties wet signatures

The date of the rental contract and the wet signatures of the parties must be included in the contract. It is important to write the name and surname part in handwriting. Signatures can be
rejected in case of conflict, but handwritten never! Don’t add your own notes to your contract afterwards. In such a case, there is a possibility that the contract will be invalid.

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