Things to Know Before Investing in Land

Investing in Land

Domestic and foreign investors are fronting to lands thanks to the profitability it offers. The advantages offered by land investments are increasing day by day. The expansion of cities and the profitability of real estate investments in general increase the advantages of land investment.

How can I make money by investing in land?

Still, there are risks to investing inland. Investors should consider many factors before purchasing land. Land investment should be made with long-term thinking. Land investments should be made with a 5-10 year term in mind. Long-term profitability can be achieved by purchasing cheap land from regions that have not yet developed but have potential.

The lands are suitable for short-term investments. You should find out the zoning status of the land you intend to buy before making a decision. And you should choose those with solid ground. Zoning is one of the most important criteria for land. You should not forget that not every land with a title deed may be open to development.

How to invest in land?

You should learn the title deed information of the land from the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. By the way, you should clarify whether the land is a parcel with shares. If the land is written on the title deed of the real estate you will purchase, it means zoned. If the field is written, it means that it is not zoned or deed. If there is debt on the land you intend to buy, you must first wait for the landowner to pay these debts. Then you must make the purchase. That way, you won’t have any bad surprises.

Is it a good idea to invest in land?

One of the biggest mistakes made is to trust information written on the internet without question. There is not always misleading information from the digital environment, but you should definitely see the land before it is purchased. It is not enough to view satellite images from the Internet. You should find the time and go to the land. Finally, the shape of the land should be considered. If square and rectangular lands are preferred for investment, the profitability of investors can increase.

Investing in Land – One of the rules of trade is “earn while you buy”. If you are not familiar with the land purchasing process or if you doubt the correctness of your investment decisions, you can get support from Realista Turkey’s professional real estate consultants. You can contact us via e-mail or our contact page.

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