Things to Know When Entering Turkey within Covid-19

Things to Know When Entering Turkey within Covid-19

Covid-19 – Turkey decided to lift travel restrictions on domestic and international flights in mid-June. One of the steps of controlled social life has been taken. Foreigners who came from abroad as of October 2020 is not subjected to any quarantine measures on arrival in Turkey. Instead, Turkish nationals and foreigners who have entered Turkey, undergo a medical check-up. First of all, the body temperature of foreigners measures through temperature measurement devices and thermal cameras at airports.

The Covidien-19 test is free in Turkey

Then, the Covid-19 test is carried out free of charge at the test center at the airports if the body temperature of the passengers is 37.8 degrees and above, which is the limit value, or if they show any signs of disease. The test is resulted in about 1 hour.

Latest Turkey travel alerts and warnings

There may be foreigners who show signs of disease as a result of the examination performed at airports and who are found to be Covid-19 positive as a result of the PCR test. They are isolated by the airport health officials without wasting time and sent directly to the relevant hospital. On the other hand, foreigners who do not show any symptoms are allowed to enter the country, provided that they isolate themselves in the places where they stay for 14 days and comply with all conditions, even if the Covid-19 test result is positive. Foreigners who are coming from abroad must obtain the HES (Life fits into the home) code to use the travel options within the country.

What is the HES code?

Foreigners who have Turkish citizenship or foreign tourists with temporary visas must also use the HES (Life fits into the home) code when it is necessary, just like other Turkish citizens. Foreigners can use ”Hayat Eve Sığar” which means ”life fits into home” mobile application to obtain the code, but there are many methods. The methods of obtaining the HES Code are basically divided into two. HES Code can be obtained using one of these, a foreigner identification number or if people don’t have a foreign identification number, HES Code can be obtained using a passport.

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