Tips for Your First Caravan Trip in Turkey

Caravan Trip in Turkey

Caravan Trip in Turkey – It is no secret that we are turning to alternative vacations during the pandemic period. Is social distancing vacation possible? We ask ourselves the question. People who can say yes are turning to alternatives such as camping in this period. Although the caravan vacation is not common in many cultures, this house, which includes a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, is perfect for keeping our social distance.

What kind of caravan should I choose?

Caravan, originally called “Recreational Vehicle”; is the general name of these vehicles. There are many different models. It has a wide-scale that extends to small caravans with only a bed inside from huge caravans like a fully equipped house. Due to the not so common culture in Turkey where you can find two types of motor caravans available: Motorhomes and camper trailer.

Do I need a driver’s license to use a caravan?

If your caravan is less than 750 kilograms, a class B driving license is sufficient. You only have to get a BE class driver’s license when it exceeds 750 kilograms with internal arrangements and additions.


Where can I camp with my caravan?

Most camping areas in Turkey and caravans will accept you as a guest. The important point here is what your expectations are from the camping area. For example, if you do not want to cook, you may not include the kitchen in your caravan; or you may not have a shower to meet your shower needs in camping areas. What you compromise is up to you. After you have made the interior arrangement of your caravan, you should choose the appropriate camping area to meet your needs.

How should the types of equipment of my caravan?

You will need a leveler to fix your caravan in the camping area, and after fixing it at the appropriate level, you will need a chock to prevent your vehicle from slipping. Of course, you will also need water for both the toilet and the kitchen. Having a toilet in the caravan provides an advantage in terms of hygiene.

Caravan Trip in Turkey – The operation and maintenance of the toilets in caravans are not connected directly to the sewer. Caravans mostly have black tanks. Wastes are collected here during your journey and it is necessary to discharge regularly. You should have a sewer pipe with you to discharge dirty water and waste. It is recommended that excretory is done every four days. There are areas reserved for this process in the camps. Don forget to wear gloves while emptying your tank!

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