Travel Guide for Those Who Want to Visit Istanbul

Travel Guide – Cultural wealth, natural beauty, long history, languages ​​epic structures, and boundless sea with both Turkey’s one of the most important cities in the world Istanbul, welcomes millions of visitors each year. From a geographical point of view, the city, which unites both the Asian and European continents, supports the establishment of a link between the eastern and western cultures thanks to this feature.

Travel Guide

Located at the junction of Asia and the rest of Europe in Istanbul, Turkey was founded on seven hills within the boundaries of the Marmara Region. The names of these hills are Topkapı Palace, Çemberli Taş, Fatih, Beyazıt, Edirne Kapı, Yavuz Selim, and Koca Mustafa Pasha. Istanbul also adds fame to its reputation with its strait connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

You should visit the city, which has a structure that can attract tourists in every period of the year, in spring or summer to visit without a cold and see every place more clearly. You can be sure that you will be amazed by every detail in the city, which offers more beautiful nature and social life with the regaining of the vitality of nature and sea, especially in the summer.

Purple judas trees that bloom in spring also help you raise your positive energy. flights to the destination airport in summer and found all the time, you can easily find flights to Turkey in both the winter. You can also use the highway or the railroad outside the aircraft. In addition to domestic flights, there are direct or indirect flights to Istanbul from all the leading airports in the world.

Places to Visit in İstanbul

The city, which confirms the word “life ends, Istanbul never ends” to the end; It manages to fascinate visitors with its places to visit, streets to explore, and structures that smell of history. Thanks to its natural beauties and lively history, Istanbul, which is among the leading cities of the world, has many buildings and areas under UNESCO protection.

Travel Guide – In the city, which has become complicated with its increasing population every day; The planning made helps facilitate the flow of everyday life, a little. In general, many of the places to visit are located in an area called the Historical Peninsula.

In the past, you can find a trail in every corner of Istanbul, which is home to both two great empires and two religions. You can find the most important temples of Islam and Orthodox Christianity on the streets of the city. You can reach the most visited historical places of the city by walking distance. There are many traces and details of Byzantine Istanbul in the region named as Historical Peninsula.

15 Things That Must Be Done In Istanbul!

  • Eating fish bread in Eminönü.
  • Eating a kumpir and a street tour in Ortaköy.
  • Fishing in the Golden Horn.
  • Eating mussels on Galata Bridge.
  • Going to the top of Pierre Loti and drinking tea while enjoying the view.
  • Visiting Taksim and Istiklal Street.
  • Going to the Pera Museum and visiting the Turtle Trainer.
  • Take pictures against the view by climbing the Galata Tower.
  • Sipping tiredness coffee in Mandabatmaz.
  • Visiting the Blue Mosque.
  • Eating marshmallows and candies in the Grand Bazaar.
  • Exploring Rumeli Fortress.
  • Taking the smell of tulips in Gülhane Park.
  • To be enchanted by visiting the Basilica Cistern.
  • Seeing the Maiden’s Tower once in a distance!

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