Turks are Most Satisfied with Real Estate Investments!

Turks are Most Satisfied with Real Estate Investments!

According to the results of the research conducted with the participation of 15 thousand people, the most satisfied investment vehicle of the Turkish people was real estate with a rate of 81 percent. Real estate is followed by gold with 76 percent, time TL deposit accounts with 72 percent, foreign currency with 71 percent, establishing a business with 67 percent, and participation account with 65 percent.

Turkish people prefer real estate under the titles of “increase in value”; and “need for shelter”; As a matter of fact, when we look at the total house sales in the real estate sector, the fact that we have been the European champion for the last 8 years is an example that clarifies the situation. It is the most valuable need, although it is a very low-risk investment tool that does not make real estate investors lose in the medium and long term.

At the same time, it is a powerful investment tool that provides income in two different tracks due to both its value increase and rental income. On the other hand, we observe that investors concern with the logistics facilities, elderly care centers, and retirement homes, mixed-use living projects, dormitories, health facilities, data centers, serviced apartments, shared offices, serviced offices offering flexible services, industrial warehouses, self-service storage areas, hotels, science parks, and social dwellings.

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