Urban Transformation Projects in Istanbul

Urban Transformation Projects in Istanbul

Urban transformation; can be defined as a comprehensive project design process that takes into account the economic, spatial, and social conditions in the improvement of unhealthy urban textures and in the solution of urban problems.

Urban transformation projects aim to create healthy, safe, and modern buildings and living spaces in urban space standards in line with the urban roles that the project areas will assume in the future. Buildings which is in areas at risk in Turkey or risky structures that are not located in the risk-free area are demolished and new buildings are built instead.

Some conditions are also necessary for these activities to be carried out. So, what are the necessary conditions for urban transformation?

Within the scope of urban renewal, buildings located in risky areas or risky buildings that are not located in the risky area are demolished. Then new buildings are constructed instead. In this process, some aids are given to the right holders. These benefits include housing allowance and loan support.

The building must be risky for a building to be included in urban transformation and for beneficiaries to benefit from these benefits.

The risky structure refers to the structure that is inside or outside the risky area, which has completed its economic life or is at risk of collapse or severe damage, based on scientific and technical data.

The determination of the risky structure is made by the licensed company applied by one of the owners.

Urban transformation law has its aims: especially earthquake, flood, landslide, rockfall, avalanche, etc. the regions under disaster risk and those outside the risk have completed their economic life, elimination, and replacement of old and damaged buildings, creating healthy, safe, standards-compliant living spaces and preventing loss of life and property in possible disasters.

Which buildings are included in urban transformation?

Urban renewal, only one project covering all provinces of Turkey, but not limited to Istanbul or other major cities. Those living in slums can also benefit from the advantages of urban transformation. If the land deed is within the scope of treasury land and if the inhabitants of the slums are occupants, land can be purchased from the state and a building can be built within the scope of urban transformation.

Buildings with condominium and floor alliances, including illegally deed buildings, can also benefit from urban transformation.

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