The Most Detailed Istanbul Travel Guide In 2021

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Visiting Istanbul is an activity that everyone should take. For many travelers, Istanbul is considered the best city in the world. Napoleon said that “if the world was a single country, its capital would be İstanbul”, it can be seen as proof. This is why we have sought the answer to your questions about what is famous in İstanbul and 7 reasons for visiting İstanbul:

A City That Smells of History

Istanbul has been home to many civilizations for centuries but has not been considered the capital of many civilizations. Among these civilizations, the Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and Ottoman Empires left numerous works reflecting their culture. If this works, which survived until the present day Istanbul is one of the most historic cities in addition to being one of Turkey’s most modern cities are putting in.

Visiting Istanbul – The Bosphorus

For those who live in Istanbul and for tourists, there is no one who does not know the popularity of the Bosphorus. The unique view and the structures on the shores are both fascinating and welcoming many guests every day.

Numerous activities can be done around the Bosphorus increases the value of many neighborhoods as it can be seen from the hills of the city. Although beautiful and attractive restaurants and cafes are the places that attract attention in the first place, public walking areas will also be sufficient for you to enjoy the Bosphorus. Bosphorus tours organized regularly are another activity that will make you feel satisfied with these cool waters.

Galata and its Environment

Galata and its surroundings are one of the best reasons for visiting Istanbul. The panoramic view of the Galata Tower in Beyoğlu offers a visual feast to its visitors. Touristic boutique hotels, Jewish synagogues, Jewish museums, designer shops, wine tasting shops, restored houses, and art galleries arouse curiosity. In addition, Galata Bridge is famous for its fishermen and fishing boats.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar, which is considered to be the oldest shopping mall in the world according to some historians, is not happy to host hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The bazaar, which serves both local people and foreign tourists, is also considered as the heart of trade in Istanbul.


The islands are the most visited places in the summer months of Istanbul. Especially Buyukada is one of the most popular among these islands by domestic and foreign tourists. These islands, also known as Princes’ Islands, have restrictions on car use, so transportation is provided by coaches.

Different Places and Food Culture

It is possible to taste many different flavors together in Istanbul. You can discover Turkish cuisine, tavern culture, ethnic flavors, famous fish restaurants as well as flavors from world cuisines.

Cultural Activities

Filled with various cultural treasures, this city hosts many events. Today, Turkey’s first modern art museum Istanbul Modern is a lot of visitors, including many overseas exhibitions and cultural activities of the city that hosts.

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