What are the Advantages of Duplex Houses?

Duplex Houses, What are the advantages of duplex houses

Recently, especially large families prefer duplex houses. So what is a duplex house? What are the types of duplex apartments? It has advantages such as roof view or garden. So, do duplex houses have disadvantages? Duplex flats consisting of the last or the first two-storey buildings in a two-storey detached house, villa, or apartment have many advantages. There are also disadvantages.

What are the advantages of duplex houses?

The most important advantage is that it is wide and spacious. It offers families a free-living space thanks to its two floors. You can spend time with your beloved on the roof or garden with a view. Moreover, it is also advantageous for people who keep pets.

What are the disadvantages of duplex houses?

You may need to get support for cleaning. Duplex floors can be extremely cold in winter or very hot in summer if thermal insulation is not provided. The unprotected roof can leak in winter and it is put you in a trouble. If you have elderly family members, they may slog on to go up or come down the ladders. If there is no insulation in reverse duplexes, there may be problems such as sweating and mold on the wall.

What are the types of duplex houses?

Standard Duplex

These duplexes, which are in the form of a two-storey house, reside in detached or apartment flats. These duplex types are connected to the second floor by stairs. These duplexes have a living room and kitchen on the groundfloors and bedrooms and children’s rooms on the top floors. Generally, the top floors are used as duplexes in apartments.

Roof Duplex

The difference from the standard duplex is the second-floor attic. It is smaller in square meters. The second floors of this type of duplexes are lower in height. It has large terraces.

Reverse Duplex

These duplexes reside in the groundfloors of the apartments. In these duplexes, the ground floor gets the sunlight while the lower floors overlook the garden. The bedrooms and bathroom reside in the ground floors, the living room and kitchen reside on the top floors. It is especially preferred by people who want a garden and have pets.

Garden Duplex

These duplexes are similar to reverse duplexes, but in garden duplexes, the entrance is from the top floors. In garden duplexes, there is a kitchen and bedroom on the ground floors and a living room admitting to the garden on the ground floor.

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