What is a Real Estate Consultant?

Real estate consultant

The real estate agent is a professional title given to people who carry out transactions such as villas, residences, land, and similar properties within the framework of certain rules. It serves potential customers or new customers by creating its own portfolio.

The job description of the real estate consultant serving in the field developing in parallel with the real estate sector includes:

  • To adopt the needs of investors,
  • To determine the economic situation of investors,
  • To offer options suitable for the economic conditions of investors,
  • To ensure that customers suitable for economic conditions become property owners,
  • To enable investors to rent property,
  • Being in constant contact with those who want to sell real estate,
  • Being in constant communication with investors,
  • To follow the developments and changes in the sector,
  • To promote housing for investors who want to buy or rent housing,
  • To inform the investors, guiding and providing consultancy to them in the real estate sector,
  • To arrange the documents required during sales and purchases,
  • To identify lands, residences and villas determined as investment residence,
  • To implement a good marketing strategy with investors.

It will be necessary to answer the question of how to become a real estate agent. Anyone who has graduated from high school in Turkey, by choosing the college entrance examination, found in the relevant faculties of universities Business, Economics and graduated from the section might like Real Estate. At the same time, you can become a professional by participating in Real Estate Consultancy courses opened by government or private institutions.

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Working with a Professional Real Estate Consultant

The real estate consultancy professionals determine the needs of the customers and allow them to own or rent a house suitable for their economic situation. At the same time, it is in constant contact with those who want to sell their property and acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Together with the real estate consultant, it is ensured that you make the right decisions. At the same time, it is ensured that the real estate requirement suitable for you is met.

What are the roles of a Real Estate Consultant?

Consultants should know all the legislation that will be sufficient for them and they should continuously improve themselves by having the necessary knowledge about administrative procedures. You can safely buy or sell real estate thanks to expert consultants in the field. You can also offer or obtain financing.

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How is a real estate consultant different from a real estate salesperson?

Real estate consultancy has become an indispensable part of the real estate transaction process. The real estate consultant has customer potential in his environment and a safe environment he creates.

They find marketing opportunities to win other customers besides the ones they own. Thus, they reach more customers and assist them in real estate transactions. Real estate consultants buy real estate in their portfolios. In this way, they reach the seller group they want and determine a region for themselves in order to be able to carry out marketing operations easily.

They are in constant contact with investors living in the regions they target and do the necessary research. They create marketing opportunities for the real estate that the real estate consultant has bought in their portfolio and they aim to reach more sellers.

Real estate consultancy service providers should be able to manage their customers well and be in constant contact with them. In the real estate market, customers generally complain that real estate consultants are not in contact with them. In order to avoid these situations, it is necessary to be in contact with customers who are buyers and sellers. Real estate consultants need to have a good understanding of the customers’ needs and provide them with options in line with their needs. In addition, customers need to help them find financial opportunities.

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What are the pros and cons of real estate consulting?

Consulting requires people to understand the needs of foreign investors, to review options they are not aware of when necessary, and to help them make the right decisions. Real estate consultants must have industry knowledge and update their basic knowledge with training in order to do these.

The consultant needs to know the prices of similar real estates that have been sold, are on sale, and cannot be sold due to their high price. Only correctly priced real estates are sold. Therefore, the real estate agent should know the market price of the property to be put up for sale and market it at this price.

The real estate agent who specializes becomes successful and creates happy customers. These clients recommend that consultant to their acquaintances and their environment. It is easier to work with clients who come with advice because they trust the consultant’s knowledge and follow his lead. In this way, success grows like a snowball and becomes a brand in the consultant region or in its field.

Professionalism provides confidence. We trust doctors and lawyers and do what they say because they are professional and knowledgeable. The real estate agent should also be professional with his behavior, dress code, business style and give confidence to his surroundings. In addition, it should benefit from modern technology, register buyers and sellers in groups with database programs, and use this database in marketing activities.

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How to become a real estate consultant?

As in every sector, there is intense competition in the real estate sector. International chains, local chains and local real estate firms are struggling to buy portfolios. The real estate agent cannot be successful by waiting for the portfolios to come to life. The consultant should visit people and institutions who want to sell or lease their real estate and be in constant communication with them. It should also not neglect the owners of a potential sale and rental properties.

What does a real estate consultant do?

Solving problems and finding ways to reach needs and desires are the basis of each consultancy. The real needs and desires of customers are only revealed by asking the right questions and by active listening. When the needs and demands are determined correctly, it becomes easier to reach the right result.

In the past, real estate agents used to stick sale-rental cartons to the glass and find customers with them. Nowadays, nobody needs a real estate agent who finds a buyer-tenant by just posting ads on the internet, because property owners can easily do this. To be successful, the real estate agent must learn and apply new methods such as social media marketing, digital marketing, network marketing, guerrilla-style marketing.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Consultant?

Nobody’s %100 perfect. It is possible to overcome the deficiencies and insufficiencies, but this will only happen if the person is open to development. The real estate agent should aim to improve and improve himself through regular studies and trainings. It is not possible for those who work with the knowledge of yesterday to catch up with tomorrow because the age is changing rapidly, everything is being renewed rapidly. Real estate agents should also be open to training and personal development in order to follow these innovations and improve themselves.

It is a profession that anyone who wants to be a real estate consultant can easily do. There is no need for diplomas obtained through complicated stages such as a university license. If you want to have a profession that you will earn by doing your job with procedure and experience; First of all, you need to obtain the Real Estate Consultant certificate given in the vocational acquisition courses. You can do it without getting this certificate when you first start the job, our recommendation would be that you do not do real estate consultancy without your certificate.

Real estate consultant earnings are determined by our state at certain rates, with lower and upper limits. Accordingly, they can collect a service fee of up to 2% + VAT from the Buyer and the seller in the purchase and sale of flats, and up to 12% of the annual rent from the rental of houses and workplaces. For example, when you buy a house worth 100.000 TL, real estate agents can collect 2.000 TL from the seller in total 4.000 TL + VAT from the seller, but since it is a free market, it is known that these amounts are usually negotiated and reduced to more reasonable prices.

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