What is Turquoise Card? – The Turquoise Card of Turkey

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What is Turquoise Card? – Turquoise Card is an application that allows indefinite work and residence permit the real estate sector and foreign investment in Turkey. It is also an application that allows an unlimited residence permit to the foreigner’s spouse and dependent children.

The turquoise card can be considered as the Blue Card of the European Union or the Green card of America, but it is not the same. The green card works to attract cheap and unqualified foreign labor to their countries, regardless of the quality of their cards and similar citizenship tools. Turkey constituted the Turquoise card system to attract qualified investors and a
qualified workforce.

A three-year transition period and a scoring system have been created for the turquoise card. Foreigners who maintain and raise their scores in the first three years have Turquoise cards indefinitely. +2 years later, they can apply for Turkish citizenship. People who want to have a turquoise card must inform whether they would continue to live in Turkey.

Period started for foreigners

Therefore having a home of your own in Turkey will provide advantages for the card. Foreigners holding these cards must start working full time within one year at the latest. The cards of foreigners who cannot participate in business life are canceled.

Foreigners who worked at least two years officially in Turkey card may have an indefinite work and residence permit with transferring turquoise. And they may have the right to transition to Turkish citizenship. They can work with an employer or start their own business if they wish. After the five years has been completed, the Turquoise cardholders’ children under the age of 18 can become Turkish citizens immediately, and their wife can become a Turkish citizen after 3 years.

Turkey always shows positive discrimination to artists and athletes and scientists. According to the Turquoise card application skills of foreign scientists, it is evaluated first and approved in a very short time.

Internationally successful foreign athletes can be included in the system in a short time. On the other hand, a great opportunity that was created by the state for entrepreneurs engaged in the promotion of Turkey. Foreigners who take part in projects related to the promotion of Turkey can have these cards.

Who are the foreigners who can get turquoise cards?

Process prioritizes people who operate internationally in matters related to the national interests of Turkey. Turquoise Card can be given to foreigners who are considered as a highly qualified labor force or foreign investors, who carry out scientific studies that are considered strategically in terms of the interests of the country, and who are internationally successful in cultural, artistic, or sports activities. If you can invest in Turkey, it gives you the advantage ahead of application.

Turquoise card application

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