What You Wonder About Mortgage Loan

What You Wonder About Mortgage Loan

One of the most common methods used by real estate investors is a housing loan (mortgage). If you are going to move to a new home, you may prefer to pay a mortgage instead of paying rent. You don’t have any accumulated money but you have a steady income, on the one hand, if you prefer to use your savings in different areas such as trade, etc. you may want to talk to a Realista buyer consultant about the most suitable mortgage loans for you.

What is a mortgage loan?

Housing loan; It is a type of loan received from a bank to buy a house. The house purchased during the payment period of the debt is kept by the bank as collateral. You pay back your debt to the bank and the interest amount calculated as a result of the housing loan calculations within the specified period.

How to apply for a mortgage loan?

The Housing loan application is slightly different compared to other loans as it includes mortgaging the house you will buy with the loan by the bank. Your credit history and the suitability of the house you will buy are important separately.

After you have decided on the house to buy, your real estate agent can inform you about the most suitable home loan banks and help you calculate your home loan. After a short credit score learning process, a pre-approval is received. After pre-approval, your bank asks for some additional documents.

What are the documents required for a mortgage loan?

  • Application form,
  • Identity card,
  • Income certificate according to your employment status,
  • For Self-Employed Members, a copy of the membership certificate obtained from the relevant professional organization,
  • If you are a company shareholder, a copy of the company’s articles of association and trade registry gazette,
  • A photocopy of the title deed of the house to be purchased,

You must first clarify with your real estate consultant whether that house is suitable for credit to get credit for the house you will buy.

The title deed status is of primary importance for getting credit for the house you will buy. Make sure and remember that the real estate you plan to buy is a construction servitude or a condominium deed: “For the house, you will buy, you can get a housing loan up to a maximum of 80% of the house value determined by the appraisal companies.”

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