Who is a Real Estate Consultant?

Those who provide professional guidance and intermediation to the parties in purchasing transactions are called real estate consultants. The real estate consultant performs market analyzes using data-based programs, constantly monitors changes in the real estate market, and makes a special buying schedule for the individual’s demands.

What Does the Real Estate Consultant Do?

The real estate consultant can work in real estate sales offices or project offices. It offers options to those who want to buy from the portfolio owned while working in real estate sales offices. In the project offices, it informs about the construction project and sells apartments from the project. It performs many tasks according to the needs of the parties requesting service from it. The services provided by the real estate consultant are:

Provides Real Estate Purchase Support

It helps people who want to buy a property to find a property according to their needs. If there are real estates in accordance with the specified conditions, it enables people to buy them to visit. It gives information to the people it serves about the possibilities and environmental conditions of the real estate.

Informs About Official Transactions

There are official transactions to be carried out in real estate purchases. The real estate agent has information about the legislation and official transactions. It provides guidance on issues such as the transfer of title deeds.

Offers Investment Consultancy

It provides investment consultancy services to those who want to buy real estate. Also informs about the value of the real estate, the depreciation period and the loan rates to be withdrawn. It helps the person buying real estate to invest in the right time and location.

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