Why do Chinese Investors Prefer to Turkey?

Why do Chinese Investors Prefer to Turkey

Chinese Investors – In particular, entitling of Turkish citizenship to foreigners who invest in real estate is increasing recognition of the attractiveness of homeownership in Turkey. Foreign sales have many more requests from China. When the Chinese have a Turkish passport, they can get a visa to European countries and America more easily.

Property Investments of Chinese Investors in Turkey

This advantage emerges as a huge factor. Requests are expected to come mostly from China over the next few years. Among the sectors most preferred by Chinese investors are automotive, technology, coal, and energy. Another remarkable detail is China’s investments in nuclear energy. Another sector that China prefers to invest in Turkey is telecommunications.

Chinese Investment in Turkish Real Estate

Turkey’s citizenship program offers unique opportunities for foreign citizens. They have the opportunity to make strong investments by purchasing a property worth only 250,000 USD. Besides, investors can have the opportunity to have a life full of privileges. Projects with residences, commercial, and social facilities generally stand out in their preferences. They love all tall towers. However, the first requirement is to be close to the metro, metro bus, and main arteries of the city. In this sense, Basın Ekspres, Bağcılar, Avcılar, and Maslak regions rank first in the list.

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