Why do Foreign Investors Prefer Turkey?

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Buying property in Turkey – Three important factors are affecting the demand for housing in Turkey. These factors are; population development, demography and household change, investment trends, and ownership status.

In 2006, Turkey had a population of 68 million. It reached 80 million at the end of 2016 and 82 million at the end of 2019. Turkey’s annual population growth of 1.4%; has a more stable growth compared to countries such as France, Germany, and Spain.

110 thousand per month, it sold 48% of Turkey’s population of housing under the age of 30. The population under the age of 40 reached 64%. 50% of its total population lives in 10 big cities.

Why do Foreign Investors Prefer to Turkey?

Buying real estate – Turkey is the most important transition point in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East thanks to its geopolitical position. It is considered as the most suitable investment region for investors with its wide real estate market, easy transportation, and a strong economy.

In recent years, it completed and ongoing projects of the Istanbul Airport, the Marmaray, the entry into service of mega projects such as Channel Istanbul in Turkey is attracting many investors buying and selling housing. In 2018, we see that 46,000 real estate sales were sold to foreign investors.

Social and Cultural Facilities Draws Foreigners to Turkey

You can find direct flights from Turkey to many countries in the world and Turkey has hundreds of blue flag beaches. Turkey hosts many important organizations from sports activities like golf and rafting to international competitions.

Turkey is one of the countries providing quality healthcare in the World and it is a health and leisure tourism destination with affordable solutions. And, Turkey is especially in demand from the Middle East.

Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey has welcomed 41 million tourists in the first 10 months of 2019. It draws attention to its affordable prices per square meter and its advanced home technologies compared to other countries. Besides, it is possible to make a long-term profitable investment thanks to the housing prices, which continue to increase day by day.

Life and Career Opportunities in Turkey

According to the views of immigrants admitted from 163 countries over 18 thousand HSBC Group’s global data, Turkey is the seventh country that offers the best life, training, and career opportunities. It is also very suitable for living expenses compared to European countries.

Why Do Foreign Students Prefer Turkey?

Buying property – Turkey folds every nation and cultures its arms and Turkey is the center of attraction in education. In addition to the chance and quality of multilingual education, Turkish schools attract the attention of students from various countries as a result of the increase in the number of foreign educators and positive references for graduates.

Ease of Buying and Selling and Turkish Citizenship Opportunity

Buying rent guaranteed real estate is quite easy in Turkey. The time from choosing your house to getting your title deed is only one week. Foreigners who purchase at least 250,000 dollars’ worth of real estate and are committed to holding them for three years can apply directly to Turkish citizenship if they wish.

Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey offers the perfect investment option for those who want to become homeowners.

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