Zeytinburnu – Best Districts of Istanbul

Zeytinburnu – Best Districts of Istanbul

Zeytinburnu is home to trade and shopping centers. Zeytinburnu is surrounded by Fatih to the east, Eyüpsultan to the northeast, Bayrampaşa to the north, Güngören to the west, Bakırköy to the northwest, Esenler to the northwest, and the Marmara Sea to the south.

Information about Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu which has a total area of ​​11.16 km² has many places to visit. The first points that come to mind in this district, which has a rich history are Yedikule Bulbous Plants Park and Zeytinburnu Medicinal Herbs Garden. If you want to have a historical tour; you can visit Merkez Efendi Bath and Abdülbaki Pasha Library. The region is also rich in Mevlevi lodges, dervish lodges, mosques and small mosques. Since the district was not settled for a long time and it is crowded and close to older settlements, cemeteries take up a large area in this district.

There are also Balıklı Armenian, Balıklı Greek and Ancient Assyrian cemeteries in addition to various Muslim cemeteries. The graves of many Greek Patriarchs are in this district. Zeytinburnu was once an indispensable place for slum-themed movies, but nowadays it is home to brand housing projects.

Real Estate Investment in Zeytinburnu

There has been no change in housing prices in the last year in the Zeytinburnu housing market for sale. The average depreciation time for a 100 square meter house in the Zeytinburnu district is 17 years. The average for sale residential property size is 100 square meters. As of the end of 2020, the most valuable neighborhoods in Zeytinburnu district for housing are Kazlıçeşme, Maltepe, Veliefendi, Yenidoğan, and Gökalp. It almost completely solved the transportation problems by connecting the Eurasia tube crossing Zeytinburnu to the Anatolian side. Consequently, significant increases in value were observed.

All About Zeytinburnu District Istanbul

Zeyport Port Project, which will enrich the district, will positively affect the value of the real estate in the region when combined with educational, health and cultural structures. Likewise, it is predicted that the metro lines, which are expected to be completed by 2023, will have a positive impact on real estate prices.

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